Online Test Administration Service (OTAS)

Simplify your testing process.

The same highly regarded promotional tests that enable you to hire and promote with confidenceonline testing3 are available for online administration with IPMA-HR’s Online Test Administration Service (OTAS).

SIMPLE. OTAS makes test administration simple and hassle-free. The service works with both Windows and Mac operating systems, a set of easy-to-follow instructions are included, candidate instructions are built right in to the test, and tests are self-timed.

EFFICIENT. OTAS saves you time. You don’t have to mess with shipping, carting supplies around, shredding tests, or waiting for the results — tests are scored instantly!

COST-SAVING. OTAS saves you money. There’s nothing to mail back to us, and there are no restocking or scoring service fees.

SECURE. OTAS is secure. You don’t have to track or lock away test materials. And, WebLock software ensures that candidates’ computers are locked down to prevent online cheating.

Please contact the Assessment Services Department to check if your test is available for online administration.

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Ready to get started? Here's how!

  • In order to place an OTAS order, the account holder must be an existing  Test Security Agreement (TSA) and OTAS Terms of Service signer, so please update those agreements if necessary. The OTAS/Live Remote Proctoring Security Agreements Packet contains all the security agreements required for online testing and live remote proctoring. 
  • Once we have received and approved your signed agreements, we will set up an account for you and be in touch to discuss the details, e.g., which tests you'd like to administer, your testing date, and so on.