The FAQs about OTAS

How do I get started with OTAS?

  • We will need to create an account for you in OTAS. The account holder must be an existing Test Security Agreement (TSA) signer, so please update that agreement if necessary.
  • With your TSA in place, we will then need a signed copy of the OTAS Terms of Service from you.
  • You may also wish to review the OTAS WebLock Setup to see if your workstations will be able to access OTAS.
  • Once we receive your signed OTAS Terms of Service, we will set up an account for you and be in touch to discuss which tests you'd like to administer, when you'll be testing, etc.

How much does OTAS cost?

Participating agencies will be charged an admin fee of $97 per online test order. The per candidate rate for online tests will be the same as the per candidate rate for our paper tests. The administration/setup fee will still be charged regardless of if tests are used or not.

How are the online tests structured?

Each online test is composed of two sections: the introduction and the actual exam. The introduction provides instructions and examples to teach the candidate how to take the online test and is not timed. Once the candidate begins the actual exam, a countdown clock will appear in the window, showing the candidate how much time remains. A sample test is available for viewing here.

Will we still need a test administrator? What about proctors?

Yes. Your agency must have a test administrator. The test administrator will have access to the online system through a secure account — which is used for everything from candidate registration to scoring and running reports — and must be a signer on your agency’s Test Security Agreement. Depending on the number of candidates being tested, we also recommend using proctors to help with the administration process.

What operating systems is OTAS compatible with?

OTAS can be used with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

What if my department has a virtual server environment?

WebLock cannot be used in a virtual server environment (VSE), therefore OTAS is not available at this time to our customers operating a VSE. We are looking into solutions and will update the OTAS FAQs when we have more information.

How will you prevent online cheating?

Each candidate must have a computer for his or her sole use. Prior to your scheduled testing date, your IT/Networking department will install WebLock on all computers being used for online testing. WebLock prevents online cheating by ensuring that all computer functionality is blocked and only the test is accessible during the testing period. You can review more about WebLock in the setup guide.

How do I register test candidates?

Using easy-to-follow registration instructions provided by IPMA-HR, your test administrator will be able to import candidates’ information. Test administrators may also opt to have candidates enter their own information on test day.

What happens on test day?

Candidates will sign in using their individual test code, which is generated by the test administrator at registration. The act of signing in initiates WebLock, which locks down their computer. The first section of the test is introductory, after which the actual exam begins. Once a candidate’s time runs out, or they choose to “turn in” their test, the computer unlocks and the candidate’s exam is scored.

How do I get the scores?

The test administrator will be able to view final scores as they are updated, or they may choose to wait until all candidates have completed the exam to run a score report, which lists each candidate’s name, test code and final score.

How are scores and candidate information secured?

Exam scores and candidate information are stored securely in the cloud, which is only accessible by your agency’s test administrator and designated IPMA-HR Assessment Services Department staff.

Are there any other reports I can run in addition to a score report?

Your test administrator may download a raw data file that contains all candidate information and scores, which can then be exported into a third-party predictive analytics software, such as SPSS or SAS, for further analysis.

Sounds great! How do I place my order?

If you have any additional questions, please call 1-800-381-TEST (8378), or send us an email If you'd like to get set up with an account, you'll want to review and return back to us the OTAS Terms of Service. We'll need a signed copy of those terms to get your OTAS account set up. You must already be a Test Security Agreement signer prior to signing up for OTAS.