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Becoming a TSA signer provides you with the ability to order any of our tests, assessment systems, publications, or free support materials.

IPMA-HR requires a Test Security Agreement (TSA) to be on file prior to ordering test materials. There is no fee associated with filing a TSA. All security agreements are subject to review and must be approved by the Assessment Services Department. Security agreements should be completed by appropriate individuals and returned to IPMA-HR.

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Signed security agreements returned by fax or e-mail are required to provide an official, verifiable agency-related e-mail address for the primary signer. Agreements returned with a non-department specific e-mail address, such as,,, or must be submitted by mail.

If an authorized signer resigns from an agency or moves into a new position that removes them from the testing process, a new TSA must be filed. A TSA filed by an individual at one department is not transferable to a new department. Promptly filing a new TSA with IPMA-HR will ensure that future test orders are not delayed due to the unavailability of an authorized signer.

Please submit a Test Security Agreement (TSA) if you are:

  • A new customer
  • Your current TSA is out of date or a change to current information is needed, for example, you hired a new HR director or an HR analyst has left your department.

A note on additional signers

If you need to add someone to your account who requires access to tests, such as an SME or test administrator, but would like to make sure they do not have the ability to receive tests directly, please complete a Limited Access Security Agreement.

Test products and services are available to:

  • Civil Service Commissions
  • Personnel Boards
  • Personnel Departments
  • Centralized Public Personnel Agencies

In the event that your agency does not meet one of the above criteria, please see below for further information regarding the availability of IPMA-HR’s tests.

  • Operating departments (e.g., police, fire, sheriff) may utilize IPMA-HR test products and services but should, if at all possible, acquire the tests through their personnel offices.
  • If no central personnel agency exists, IPMA-HR will make test services available to the chief executive officer (e.g., mayor, city manager, chief administrative officer) responsible for personnel functions.
  • Agencies located in jurisdictions where no one person or personnel department has authority over the personnel function must submit an explanation of circumstances to the Assessment Services Department prior to receiving IPMA-HR tests.
  • IPMA-HR test services are available to certain private or quasi-private centers, consortia, and members of the Canadian or American Psychological Association who act as agents for public jurisdictions in administering their test programs as long as the consultants do not develop, publish and/or market relevant tests.
  • Private consultants, or those acting in the capacity of a consultant, should first contact the Assessment Services Department to ensure that they are aware of the appropriate use of IPMA-HR test materials, and obtain an appropriate signature from client jurisdictions for the Test Security Agreement (TSA). A separate security agreement from the consultant will be necessary for each client jurisdiction receiving tests.

Limited Access Security Agreement

The Limited Access Security Agreement (LASA) should be signed by anyone who will be handling IPMA-HR test materials, but who should not have the ability to receive test materials directly. Examples include:

  • Subject matter experts (SMEs) who will review the test.
  • Test administrators, for example a sergeant who is responsible for administering an entry-level test but is not allowed to order other tests (e.g., the lieutenant test) or receive test orders through the mail.

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How to Maintain Test Security

Breach of Security

While in the possession of a test-utilizing agency, IPMA-HR testing products should be kept secure at all times by an authorized signer. IPMA-HR should be promptly notified about any breach in the security of our testing products so that appropriate and immediate measures can be taken to ensure the continued security of our tests.

Reuse of Tests

Under no circumstances may testing material be reused. The reuse of test booklets constitutes a serious violation of IPMA-HR’s Test Security Agreement by compromising the integrity of the testing products and procedures. Failure to comply may provoke litigation.


Permission is not granted to any agency to adapt, translate, modify, reproduce, or quote test material. Any adaptation, translation, modification, reproduction or quotation of test material is a violation of copyright law.

Questions? Contact the Assessment Services Department by email or phone: 1-800-381-TEST (8378).
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