In the event of an item challenge, follow the next three steps:
  • Item Challenge - Local

    1. Review Your Local Item Analysis Results

    Customers that administered IPMA-HR’s exams online should consult the OTAS Manual for instructions on downloading their local item analysis results. Customers that used IPMA-HR’s electronic scoring service can request the item analysis report from their local test administration.

    Note: If your local item analysis results show any items with abnormally high difficulty levels (e.g., <25% of candidates answering the item correctly), contact IPMA-HR’s Assessments & Learning department immediately to ensure that the item(s) were not miskeyed.

  • Item Challenge - National

    2. Review IPMA-HR’s National Item Analysis Results

    Contact IPMA-HR’s Assessments & Learning department to obtain the national item difficulty level statistic(s) for the challenged item(s). The national item difficulty level statistic describes how candidates in other agencies have performed on the item(s).

  • Item Challenge - Decide

    3. Determine Whether To Award Credit For Item(s)

    It is the test user’s responsibility to determine whether to award credit for challenged item(s). If your agency decides to award credit to candidates for challenged item(s), please notify the Assessments & Learning department so that those items can be submitted for further review.


  • Candidates should NOT be permitted to review the test and/or answer key or be informed of the correct answer to any of the test items during any point in the item challenge process.
  • If subject matter experts that are not Test Security Agreement (TSA) signers from your agency will be assisting you in the review of test items and/or documentation that IPMA-HR provides, they must complete a Limited Access Security Agreement (LASA) prior to viewing these materials.
  • In cases of formal charges of discrimination by the EEOC, ORS, DoJ, etc., IPMA-HR’s tests and answer keys may only be released under a court protective order. You must contact IPMA-HR prior to the release of these materials as required by the Test Security Agreement (TSA).