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At IPMA-HR, we consider quality customer service a top priority. 

"The City of Huntsville has used IPMA-HR [Assessment Services] for over twenty years! The length of time that we have been with IPMA-HR speaks volumes about the products and services."

- Tenya Green, HR Admin Manager, City of Huntsville, AL '19

"I highly recommend IPMA-HR's products and services, because they provide quality and quantity at a very cost effective price. Their representatives are very knowledgeable and helpful; quality and service that only IPMA-HR can provide. Great Job!!!!"

- Ruben Luna, Civil Service Director, City of Del Rio, TX '19

"IPMA-HR accurately delivers my orders every time. The tests are easy for applicants to understand and easy for me to use, proctor, and grade. I would highly recommend IPMA-HR's products."

- Billie Corns, Civil Service Employment Coordinator, City of Zanesville, OH '19

"I believe that IPMA-HR is one of the best testing agencies that I have ever found. I would recommend them to anyone."

- Chuck Brian, Administrative Services Major, University of Louisville Police Department '19