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Criteria For Establishing A Chapter

Any group of five or more IPMA-HR voting members in the potential Chapter area may petition the Association to organize a local Chapter. The term "member" refers to any combination of five or more individual or covered staff members (CSMs) who are eligible to vote in Association affairs.

Initial Organization

The most successful way to initially organize a Chapter is to contact as many IPMA-HR members in the area as possible to discuss the idea and set up a temporary Chapter Organization Committee. The more members that can be brought into the initial phase of Chapter organization, the better the prospects for hosting an active Chapter with substantive programs.

Contact IPMA-HR's Membership Department to have IPMA-HR reach out to local-area members on the potential chapter’s behalf:

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Chapter Boundaries

The geographic area to be served by the prospective Chapter must be delineated. It is more desirable to organize a Chapter that represents a specific geographic area (e.g., a single city, metropolitan area, county) rather than an area embracing a substantially larger area. However, Chapters may be organized statewide if this is the only feasible way to organize. The major purpose for organizing a Chapter is to provide an opportunity for Chapter members to attend meetings and engage in committee activities. A limited geographic area makes it more feasible for Chapter members to meet without difficulty.

Once the organization of any Chapter is approved and its formal charter executed, its jurisdictional area shall be fixed by the Association's Executive Council and thereafter no authority shall be granted to any other group of members to organize a Chapter within that area while the original Chapter is in existence.