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Application To Establish A Chapter

Letter of Application

Once the Chapter Organization Committee agrees on a proposed set of Chapter bylaws, the Committee must address a formal letter of application to the IPMA-HR Executive Council to request a charter as an official IPMA-HR Chapter.

A Chapter shall not be considered as being organized or its bylaws effective until both the application and proposed bylaws have been approved by the Association's Executive Council. Such approval shall be in the form of a charter to the Chapter, issued by resolution of the Executive Council, signed by the President and the Executive Director of the Association, and bearing the Association's official seal.

Contracts and Debts

Chapter shall neither have authority to enter any contract that imposes any liability on IPMA-HR, nor shall a Chapter incur any debt that cannot be met out of the available funds of the Chapter.

Chapter Liabilities

IPMA-HR is not responsible for any liabilities that the Chapter may incur.

Additional Information

Upon request, the IPMA-HR headquarters in Alexandria, VA, will furnish additional information or assistance.