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Chapter Bylaws

Drafting the Bylaws

The Chapter Organization Committee must draft a proposed set of Chapter bylaws for submission to the Association's Executive Council for approval.

Required Provisions of Chapter Bylaws

  1. Official name of the Chapter shall be in the following form: "(Name of jurisdictional area) Chapter of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources."
  2. Delineation of the Chapter's proposed jurisdictional area.
  3. Statement that the purpose of the Chapter is the advancement of the objective of the Association in the jurisdictional area of the Chapter.
  4. Provisions for selecting Chapter officers, including a President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer, and a definition of responsibilities assigned to each.
  5. Provisions for selecting a governing body of the Chapter (Board of Directors), and a statement defining its authority and duties.
  6. Method for the annual nomination and election of officers and members of the governing body, and for voting on official matters, as required.
  7. Fixing the responsibility for calling regular and special meetings of the Chapter and its governing body.
  8. Methods for the receipt and disbursement of Chapter funds, keeping account records, and the auditing thereof.
  9. Method for amending the bylaws that allows for Executive Council review of proposed bylaw changes before they are voted on by Chapter members.
  10. Statement that IPMA-HR is not responsible for any liability that the Chapter may incur.
  11. Provision that at least four regular meetings shall be held annually, including an annual meeting of the Chapter membership.

Permissive Provisions in Chapter Bylaws

In addition to the foregoing, Chapter bylaws may contain provisions for:

  • A schedule for Chapter membership dues, both independent of and in addition to National IPMA-HR membership dues.
  • Other matters deemed necessarily appropriate that are consistent with National IPMA-HR bylaws or policies.