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Marketing And Communications

Routine communication highlighting IPMA-HR events, programs, and activities is a key benefit for Chapter members. Local Chapter communication also serves as an important link between IPMA-HR National and local members.

Email Communications

It is recommended Chapters use an email marketing platform service for their communications. A distribution group should be established with members’ contact information.

Email Communication Tips
  • Send regular communications to maintain engagement. Sending an average of 2 messages per week is recommended. Sending more emails than that may lead to members to unsubscribe.
  • Be concise with the message. Use headers, bullet points, and short bites of information with a link to the Chapter website for those interested in reading more.
  • The email subject line should be descriptive of the message’s content. For example, use “Rojas Elected Chapter President” instead of “News from Your IPMA-HR Chapter”
  • If possible, segment the contact list and only send relevant emails. For example, do not send an email about an upcoming course to those members who have already completed the course.
The requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act apply when emails are used to advertise membership programs or services. For more details visit the Federal Trade Commission website.


Chapter newsletters are a way to keep Chapter members engaged. Chapter newsletters may include local Chapter activities, events, programs, and recognition of outstanding member contributions. It also may relay information from IPMA-HR National. Although newsletters provide one-way communication, always include Chapter leadership contact information

One thing to consider is newsletter frequency. Newsletters can be sent out on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Weekly newsletters can be shorter and timelier, but require more effort and run a risk of not having updates. Quarterly or monthly newsletters require less work, but may miss relevant and timely information.

Website Content

Chapter websites are an important way to communicate with members and the general public. When considering this option, Chapter leadership must decide who will be responsible for creating and maintaining the website.

At a minimum, Chapter websites should include:

  • IPMA-HR history
  • IPMA-HR Chapter history and mission statement
  • Chapter leaders’ information
  • Contact information

Additional content that may be included:

  • Upcoming meetings (including dates, location, agenda)
  • Members-only directory
  • Recent and archived newsletters
  • Upcoming events and activities
  • Job board

IPMA-HR National will host a simple Chapter webpage for free. Please contact for more information.

For information on how to set-up your own chapter website, review the Technology section of this handbook.

Social Media

Social media is a good way to keep in touch with members and reach out to potential members. Although it may seem better to have multiple social media accounts, prioritizing the quality and consistency of content is more valuable than having multiple accounts with little content.

The platforms most preferred by your members can be discussed in a Chapter meeting or by surveying members. Your social media goals should be related to your overall Chapter goals. While developing social media goals, remember that each social media platform serves a different purpose. An example is shown below.

Chapter Goal

Increase member engagement. 


Social Media Goal

Offer a place for members to connect and interact.


Social Media Tactic

Create a Facebook group for members to connect in between meetings. Broadcast chapter meetings on Facebook Live.

If Chapters have multiple social media accounts, consider using the same name across all social media platforms. Following are examples of potential names for social media accounts: “IPMA-HR Virginia Chapter” or “Virginia Chapter of IPMA-HR.”

If a Chapter starts a new LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter account, please inform IPMA-HR so that the National Association’s social outlets can follow the Chapter’s outlets and welcome each Chapter to the digital space. IPMA-HR also requests that Chapters “like” and follow IPMA-HR National social media pages. A chart with each social media platform, its audience, and pros/cons of using the platform is found below.

Event Announcements

If a Chapter would like to add its event to the IPMA-HR National calendar, submit the following information:

  • Event Name
  • Date, Time, Location
  • Chapter logo or event image
  • Chapter contact information

Press Releases and the Media

All press releases must go through IPMA-HR National. The Association encourages Chapters to send press announcements to local newspapers and community broadcasts as well as submit them to IPMA-HR National for release.

Local Chapters and their members cannot make public statements on behalf of IPMA-HR. A Chapter’s statements must include a disclaimer that the statement does not reflect the position of IPMA-HR, its Executive Council, or its members. If a Chapter issues a position statement or guideline, IPMA-HR National must be informed in writing before the document is disseminated.