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Database Management

Chapters are encouraged to keep a database of members. A variety of database options exist, typically referred to as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or an AMS (Association Management System).

Utilizing a database for ongoing chapter management will greatly assist in handling regular business processes for the Chapter, such as collecting annual dues renewals, allowing for registration to Chapter events, and providing a place for Chapter members to self-manage their contact information.

Website Set-Up

IPMA-HR encourages Chapters to establish a Chapter website to provide members with a place to access news, resources, and other services the Chapter is offering.

A variety of website builders are available. Many member databases also can provide a member facing website that integrates closely with database records and allows Chapters to provide member-only content for dues-paying members.

Each Chapter that develops a website should register a unique domain name for the Chapter website. Domain registration is available through a domain registrar. Some website hosting services also include the ability to purchase a domain.

Continuity of leadership is important when considering website maintenance. As Chapter leadership changes, part of the transition plan should include long-term website and domain name maintenance fees. Also, there should always be current chapter leaders who have administrative access to your website’s backend and social media accounts.