Webinar: HR as a Strategic Business Partner

April 25, 2019 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Are you looking to lead your organization to success by nurturing the HR Department and building a strong training and leadership development program?

Then you need to register for IPMA-HR’s upcoming webinar: HR as a Strategic Business Partner.

The role of Human Resources has expanded over the past twenty years and now plays a critical role in the organization’s success.  HR practitioners must develop competencies beyond what is needed for transactional work, to what is needed for transformational work.  The broader the competency skill set available within your department, from Director to first line employee, the more impact the HR Department can have on organizational success.

This webinar will provide actionable steps for you. First, we’ll demonstrate the HR competencies, tools and techniques used to serve as change agent, business partner, administrative expert and leader. Second, we’ll work to align citywide vision, goals, and objectives to employee performance and enhance employee engagement.

You’ll take a journey through what the competencies of an HR Leader, Business Partner, and Change Agent look like. You already know that HR assists a city in creating a Vision, Goals, and Objectives that become aligned with employee performance. Now, in this webinar, the presenter will also demonstrate processes, tools and techniques to help you improve employee engagement.

The key phases of the journey include:  

  1. Building leadership in the development of citywide vision, goals and objectives through collaboration with the Executive Team;
  2. Working as an internal consultant to create a process for tracking, monitoring and updating citywide goals and objectives;
  3. Using process consultation skills with employee and leadership teams to revise the performance management tool into a best practice tool for measuring the what (objectives) and how (competencies);
  4. Employing administrative expert skills to develop training and leadership development programs that improve the skills and abilities of managers and supervisors to effectively manage performance;
  5. Serving as a business partner to facilitate buy-in of Vision, Goals, and Objectives;
  6. Working as a change agent to enhance employee engagement.

After the webinar, you’ll take away specific and practical tools and techniques, such as:

  • a performance management tool that aligns employee performance to the city strategic plan;
  • a tool to track organizational progress in achieving goals and objectives;
  • and facilitation and process consultation techniques to be used with teams to create goals and objectives and to identify areas to enhance engagement.


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