Webinar | In Harm's Way: Suicide Prevention in Law Enforcement

March 26, 2020 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

In the last four years, over 750 police and corrections officers have taken their own lives. In some years, twice as many as line of duty deaths. The numbers are staggering. Discover what you can do to help prevent this tragedy from happening in your department in this critical webinar.

Tom Famolare, a retired detective from the Boston Police Department (BPD) has developed a “nuts and bolts” program to assist departments throughout Massachusetts to address this tragic subject. What was once taboo to talk about is becoming a subject none of us can ignore. Gone are the days of “he/she was cleaning their gun and it went off,” when everything was swept under the rug and never talked about.

One of Famolare’s last assignments at the BPD was with the Peer Support Unit as critical incident debriefing team coordinator. He has firsthand knowledge of and experience with the effects critical incidents have on our officers — effects that sometimes lead to the ultimate tragedy: suicide.


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