Webinar: Hiring Veterans – A Great Way to Grow Your Talent Pool

February 3, 2021 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM


ICMA - Veterans


Organizations struggle with the cost of hiring new staff combined with high rates of employee turnover. What if there was a talent pool you could tap into that was educated, well-trained, disciplined, and experienced? And the best part is, this talent pool has a demonstrated heart for public service. These future public leaders are those who have served in the military. Veterans are a workforce that can help you fill the ranks of your local government in a time when all organizations are struggling to find and maintain skilled and accomplished people.


  • Less than 1% of Americans serve in the military which means that many talent managers and CEOs do not understand the strengths military members bring to the table. Arizona State University in Partnership with the Alliance for Innovation has done a study on Veteran Hiring Preferences in Local Government and they are here today to tell us about the purpose of the study as well as an analysis of the results.
  • Thankfully there has been a large and favorable cultural shift from our nation to those men and women who served in all five of the branches of armed services. This has been to the tireless efforts of many business, nonprofits, and elected officials. One such organization is Psych Armor Institute, who continues the tradition of education and the utilization of technology to empower organizations and communities to best engage with their military-connected friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. They are here to provide further education and information regarding their innovative tools that inform, educate, and open dialogue with employers and their Veteran staff to ensure the healthiest and happiest workplace.
  • Jefferson County, CO Talent Manager Demetrius Parker, will discuss the practices he uses to hire veterans and give us some tips and tools to build job descriptions to encourage veterans to apply.


  • David Swindell; PhD | Director & Associate Professor, Arizona State University | Center for Urban Innovation
  • Matthew Feldhaus; PsychArmor
  • Demetrius Parker, Jefferson County, CO

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