Webinar: Thinking Outside the Box to Grow Your Talent Pool – Hire a Veteran

May 25, 2022 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Organizations struggle with the cost of hiring new staff combined with high rates of employee turnover. In addition the future workforce has new expectations of what they expect their job to look like. These challenges require us to be strategic and creative in how we attract and grow talent. What if there was a talent pool that you could tap into that was educated, well-trained, disciplined, and experienced? And the best part is, this talent pool has a demonstrated commitment to public service. These future public leaders are those who have served in the military. Veterans are a workforce that can help you to fill the ranks of your local government in a time when all organizations are struggling to find and maintain skilled and accomplished people.


  • What types of skills do cities and counties need?
  • What skills do veterans have that meet these needs?
  • Are the stereotypes real?
  • How can local government organizations reach the veterans talent pool?


  • Jeff Grant, City of Savannah, HR Director
  • Andrew Nelson, Senior Executive Recruiter, CPS HR
  • Lynn Phillips, Veterans Programs Manager, ICMA

This webinar is being presented in partnership with ICMA.

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(Webinar is Open to All)

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