Webinar - Breaking The Code: Hiring Strategies, Occupational DNA®, & the Modern Organization

August 25, 2022 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Please join us on August 25th to learn a new strategy for identifying the best possible fit for open positions.


Why are so many organizations and HR teams failing to select and hire top-performing employees that positively impact their company’s bottom line? It’s because they are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hiring, and it is what’s beneath the surface that truly matters.

Occupational DNA was specifically designed to help organizations identify the best possible fit for open positions within their respective job roles, regardless if it’s a new hire or a promotion. The ODNA® process, coupled with the right assessment solutions will help predict future job performance versus traditional methods. It works by identifying the attributes of individuals who display the competencies associated with successful performance in a given job.


Organizations are then able to “break the code”, while better understanding the unique ODNA of the position and their organization by selecting employees who are best matched for each position. When an employee fits the job, something magical happens; higher rates of attendance, less turnover, higher job satisfaction, and superior job performance.

ODNA can help develop effective work teams and allow you to design optimal training programs based upon the trainees’ unique style of learning. It can also help supervisors coach, develop succession plans, provide conflict resolution, and determine what approach will work best when working with a particular employee. Of course, the biggest payoff of all is that both the employee and the employer share the benefits of enhanced job matching and all parties are better prepared for today’s rapidly changing landscape.

The problem with current employee selection process will be discussed, and we will look at the importance of succession planning and pre-screening candidates. Also, John will look at the different approaches to assessments and introduce the advantages of adaptive assessments. John will make the case for ODNA and why it can and will help you and your entire organization find the best people. John will dissect precisely how ODNA works along with many other related concepts, such as the Rule of Thirds, the 80/20 Rule, and so much more!


John P. Beck, Jr., Owner/CEO, The Assessment Company®

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