Webinar: Influencing Up and Across: Making Difficult Conversations, Safe Conversations

October 27, 2022 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Let’s face it, addressing, let alone confronting workplace behaviors that negatively impact you and others is darn difficult. The awkwardness, fear and risk are multiplied when the person you need to talk to is your boss. Rest assured, it is possible to safely and respectfully dialogue with your boss or with someone in authority over you, to address issues and concerns.


Join us as we learn how this can be done safely while developing a more effective and positive working relationship and without losing your job.

In this training you will learn to:

• Develop strategies for effectively talking, listening, and collaborating in situations where opinion differ
• Implement communication practices that overcome resistance and resolve conflict
• Safely address behaviors that hinder individual, team and organizational success 
• Establish a baseline of professional trust that fosters engagement and inclusion
• Build cohesive and collaborative working relationships
• Create safety while decreasing workplace tension 


Lorie Reichel-Howe
Founder, Conversations in the Workplace


(For National IPMA-HR Members Only)



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