Frequently Asked Questions

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Please review IPMA-HR's Cancellation Policy.

(PLEASE NOTE:  As we transition to our new brand, we will be making a number of updates, including to our certifications. For the time being, we will continue to award the IPMA designations/certifications as they are.)

I don't know how to login?

  • Click on the "Login" button found at the top of the website in the black banner.
  • Enter your Username and Password.
  • Put your cursor over your name and you will see “My Profile.”
  • Click on “My Profile.”

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How do I reset my login and password?

  • If you have forgotten your login information. Click on “Login” and you will be able to reset your login and password.

How do I access my online profile and what can it tell me?

  • You can access your IPMA-HR member number, retrieve your user ID and password, courses and conference registrations, education history, certification history, recertification portal, committee, and online group memberships online. Just sign in to the site and view your profile, then click on "My Membership,” “My Invoices,” “My Registrations,” and "Recertification Portal" (if your certification is current).

Which certification is right for me? 

Do I have to take a course to become certified?

IPMA-SCP – Course is optional.
IPMA-CP – Course is required.

Do I have to complete a certification application?

IPMA-SCP – Certification Application is required.
IPMA-CP – No Certification Application to required.

What does these acronyms mean?

IPMA-SCP – IPMA-HR Senior Certified Professional
IPMA-CP – IPMA-HR Certified Professional
DCHRS – Developing Competencies for HR Success
PSHRE – Public Sector HR Essentials

What do I need to know about the certification examination?

Are the IPMA-SCP and IPMA-CP closed book exams?

  • The IPMA-SCP and IPMA-CP exams are closed book (outside help or test collaboration is not allowed).

How do I get my score?

  • The IPMA-SCP and IPMA-CP exams are both online exams.  At the conclusion of the exam, you will be prompted with your exam score.  Also, you will receive an e-mail to confirm your scores two-three days afterwards.  Once you receive your e-mail, your exam status of pass/fail can be found on our website under "My Registration" in your Profile. 

What if I have ordered a study guide, but I don’t know how to access it?

  • Access is available via download for both the IPMA-SCP and IPMA-CP Study Guides. Go to the “Login” prompt. Login with your “username” and “password.” If you have forgotten your login information, you may also reset it here.  Click on “My Invoices;” scroll down to My Downloads; click on the Download “Button.”

What do I do if I’m already registered for an IPMA-HR Certification Exam? 

  • Signed up, have your login/password (reset - Login), and ready to test but can't find the exam?  Login to learning.ipma-hr.org and take your exam now.

I have already received my instructions and I am ready to take my exam:

  • Where do I click to access the exam? -- Please click on the BOLDED Exam Title.

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  • Do I need to activate my exam?
    • There will be a rectangular button outlined in green called "Activate."
       -- This will only appear if you are part of a course -- Your 45 days will begin from the time you activate your exam.

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  • If there is no "Activate" button -- your 45 days have begun.
    • FAQ Picture 4
  • When will my exam expire? -- There will be an expiration date and time listed the exam description under "On-Demand Products.'

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I took the Exam but I did not pass. How do I find out how to retest?:

Inside the Learning Platform - Click on the What's Next Tab and click on the hyperlink "Retake the IPMA-SCP or IPMA-CP Exam (depending on the exam you were initially signed up for)."

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Or, learn more and order your retest within the IPMA-HR website: Certification Examination

I don't want to loose access of the Exam Platform while testing … What should I know? -- Here are some User Tips to avoid loosing access:

    • Please thoroughly read (remember there is good stuff on the bottom of our pages) all exam instructions sent to you (via e-mail and on the exam platform).
    • Please do not use Internet Explorer.  An up to date version of Safari, Firefox, Edge, or Chrome will work best.
    • Don't use Wi-Fi, please use a hard-wired ethernet connection.
    • If you are working on the platform in an office setting/government email address, occasionally government internet connection security settings can cause issues.  When this occurs, it is recommended to use a non-work-related internet.   It is not recommended for VPN's or Remote Desktop usage.
    • Please try to complete one component completely in one sitting. Starting a post, then taking a break and coming back to finish the post may cause the browser to "Time Out" and cause a posting issue.
    • It may also help to log out of https://learning.ipma-hr.org completely. Don't be on any IPMA-HR site at all, with any browser tab. Then clear your browser history, specifically the cookies and cache. Once that is done, log back into https://learning.ipma-hr.org and try again.
    • Here is a link that explains how to clear cookies and cache in most browsers after you have closed down any IPMA-HR site https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic.

Where do I enter a Promotion Code?

Enter your promotion code in your Shopping Cart directly on the far bottom left corner.

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How do I recertify?

How many points do I need to recertify?

  • Whether you hold an IPMA-SCP or IPMA-CP certification, you must accumulate 50 recertification points every three (3) years and submit a completed Recertification Report through the Online Recertification Portal.
  • You can start earning points toward recertification immediately after receiving your initial IPMA-HR certification; however, points cannot be carried over for future recertification.

Is it time for me to recertify my IPMA-SCP/IPMA-CP?

I am looking for ideas on how to obtain recertification points?

How do I determine how many points my professional development program is worth?

  • IPMA-HR recognizes all HR-related professional development courses, conferences and webinars. A certified individual will receive the following points upon completion of their program:
  • Programs spanning 6 hours or more per day = 3 recertification points.
  • Programs spanning less than 6 hours per day = 1 recertification point.

Recertification Portal Trouble Shooting - My entries are not saving correctly! -- Here is what to do.

  • Please check your browser - Google Chrome is the most compatible browser for the Recertification Portal -- Using other browsers may cause the Portal to work slower.
  • Still having problems, please refresh your browser.
  • Next, please see the left-hand menu and click on "Recertification Detailed Summary" and then return to the "Recertification Portal.” If you are still having problems, please contact us at certification@ipma-hr.org.

HAVE YOU REACHED 50 POINTS?:  Once your Portal has reached 50 points (only exception: if you go over 50 points during your last entering session), the Portal will not allow you to entering anymore points.  You will be directed to sign the Recertification Agreement on the screen and take care of your Recertification fee.  Once your recertification has been approved, you will be able to begin entering points for your next Recertification period. 

IPMA-HR National Membership helps you gain recertification points by:

  • Attending free webinars sponsored by IPMA-HR (1 point for every live or recorded webinar).
  • Just being a national member (2 points per year).
  • Service in a volunteer IPMA-HR leadership capacity (1-3 points per year).

Not an IPMA-HR member?  Become one today!

Don’t forget about the Online Recertification Portal.

I have entered my points into the Recertification Portal and paid my fees. How can I find out if my Recertification was approved before receiving my new certificate?

  • Once your Recertification has been approved and your certificate is ready to be sent (via US mail), you will receive an e-mail to let you know your materials are on their way (a copy of your certificate will be included in the email).
  • You can also login into our website.
    • You will find your updated status on the table called "My Membership."

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For other questions, please contact IPMA-HR certification at certification@ipma-hr.org.