Frequently Asked Questions

When inquiring about certification, do I first ask about the EXAM?

  • Please ask about the certification process first. The exam is just one component.

Which certification is right for me? 

Do I have to take a course to become certified?

  • IPMA-SCP – Course is optional.

  • IPMA-CP – Course is required.

What does DCHRS Graduate mean? 

  • A DCHRS Graduate is a person who has completed the Developing Competencies for HR Success course.

Who can take advantage of the Special Rate for DCHRS Graduates? 

  • Only those who have completed the Developing Competencies for HR Success can take advantage of the special rate.

What happens if I completed the Public Sector HR Essentials prior to March 2016? 

  • Send your course certificate and contact information to IPMA-HR.  Your program completion will be verified, and you will be awarded the IPMA-CP designation (without any additional testing).

What do I do if I’m already registered for an IPMA-HR Certification Exam? 

  • Signed up, have your login/password, and ready to test but can't find the exam?  Login to learning.ipma-hr.org and take your exam now.

Do I need to know more about the certification exams?

What if I have ordered a study guide, but I don’t know how to access it?

  • IPMA-SCP Study Guide will be sent via US mail.

  • IPMA-CP Study Guide access is available via download. Go to the “Login In” prompt. Login with your “username” and “password.” If you have forgotten your login information, you may also reset it here.  Click on Transactions; scroll down to My Downloads; click on the Download “Button.”

How do I access my online profile and what can it tell me?

  • You can access your IPMA-HR member number, retrieve your user ID and password, courses and conference registrations, education history, certification history, committee, and online group memberships online. Just sign in to the site and view your profile, then click on "Activities."

How many points do I need to recertify?

  • Whether you hold an IPMA-SCP or IPMA-CP certification, you must accumulate 50 recertification points every three (3) years and submit a completed Criteria for Recertification Form.

  • You can start earning points toward recertification immediately after receiving your initial IPMA-HR certification; however, points cannot be carried over for future recertification.

Is it time for me to get recertified?

I am looking for ideas on how to obtain recertification points?

How do I determine how many points my professional development program is worth?

  • IPMA-HR recognizes all HR-related professional development courses, conferences and webinars. A certified individual will receive the following points upon completion of their program:

  • Programs spanning 6 hours or more per day = 3 recertification points.

  • Programs spanning less than 6 hours per day = 1 recertification point.

For other questions, please contact IPMA-HR certification at (703) 549-7100 or certification@ipma-hr.org.