What is my Member ID number?
Visit your member profile. If you need it to login, please contact the Membership Department or call us at 703-549-7100.

Can I share my membership ID or login information with other people?
No, your membership ID is unique. You should keep your login secure.

What if I don't remember my member ID number?
Go to the login page and click "Forgot your Member ID" to have your member ID sent to your e-mail address on file.

When will I have access to the website?
When joining online, you will be able to access the website once payment has been processed.
When joining by mail, you will be able to access the website in 1-2 weeks (expect delays due to COVID).

How do I access members-only content on the website?
To access the members-only areas, please use the login link at the top of the page. If you have changed your original login name and password but don’t remember it, you can reset it with the links on the login page.
If your email address has changed, please contact us so we can get you set up and able to login again.

How do I access the E-Directory?
Active members may search IPMA-HR's Member Directory on the member portal. If you are new user, please review the “How to access members-only content on the website” instructions.

How do I join IPMA-HR's membership forum?
IPMA-HR's community platform, Engage, is only available to members. You will be automatically enrolled when you become a member. Visit Engage now.

If my organization paid for my Individual membership will my membership transfer with me when I start a new job?
Yes, you will maintain your Individual membership when you start a new job because an Individual membership cannot be transferred to another individual. Please remember to update your contact information by logging in or contact us if you can't login and no longer have access to the email address your membership was with.

My organization has an Agency membership and I am one of the covered staff members. Will I keep my membership after I change my employer?
No. An organization that paid for an Agency membership has the right to cancel your membership at any time and add a new staff member, and a new Member ID number will be assigned to the new member. You can apply as an individual member to receive all the benefits you have been receiving as part of the agency.

What is IPMA-HR membership cancellation policy?
We prepare renewal invoices approximately 2-3 months ahead of the anniversary of your membership. If at any time during the year you'd like to not renew your membership for the next yearly cycle, please contact us
Please review our cancellation policy.

How do I update my mailing address and contact information?
You can log into your account to update your profile.

When does my membership expire?
Twelve (12) months from the end of the month in which your membership was processed. Example: If your membership is processed on 9/7/2011, then your membership expires on 9/30/2012.


I'm already a member, why am I getting emails about joining IPMA-HR?
We do our best to prevent any current member from getting emails not relevant to them. However, in our efforts to expand our membership, you may inadvertently receive an invitation to join IPMA-HR even though you are currently a member in good standing. Why? Our computer sometimes fails to match your name and address, as it appears on the mailing, with the name and address under which your IPMA-HR membership is recorded.

How do I unsubscribe from IPMA-HR new member postal mailings?
If you are a current member receiving letters asking you to join, then please accept our apology. Your mailing address must not match what we have on record with your membership account.  Please add the address you are receiving mail to your member record. If you are receiving mail to an address for someone that isn't interested in membership or isn't there anymore, please let us know by emailing


I am a part-time student and currently work in the HR field. Am I qualified for a Student membership?
No. Only a full-time graduate or undergraduate student who is not currently working in the HR field can apply for Student membership. Visit our website for membership categories.

Are there any offerings for retiring members?
Yes, we have an Emeritus membership for our members that have retired. Please see our membership categories.


I am a member of a local IPMA-HR Chapter. Will I have the same membership benefits as an IPMA-HR member?
 If your chapter is affiliated with IPMA-HR and you have no other IPMA-HR memberships, you will only receive the following benefits: the weekly HR-Bulletin and the IPMA-HR member rate for professional development activities. Please remind your chapter representative to forward your name and contact information to IPMA-HR so we will have your contact information and ensure you receive membership benefits.

What does IPMA-HR offer to small public sector organizations that may not have an HR professional?
IPMA-HR offers tons of resources to save staff time and stay up-to-date with what is happening on Capitol Hill. Our research department can assist you with specific HR questions or challenges, how-to guides, sample policies, job descriptions and interview questions. Please visit

When will my HR Magazine subscription begin?
You have online access to HR News magazine immediately upon joining.

Where can I find information about conferences and seminars?
IPMA-HR annual conferences:
IPMA-HR educational seminars:
IPMA-HR certification preparation courses:


Where do I get information about posting and searching for HR jobs?
For information about HR Careers, go to

My organization is interested in Agency Membership. What are the requirements?
IPMA-HR is excited to announce that Agency members are now able to take advantage of a strong learning community, resources, and research for one flat rate. Agency Membership dues are based on the number of human resources and HR-related staff in your Agency.
Agency Membership provides you the flexibility to cover all professional HR staff in your Agency.
Number of HR Staff Covered                            Agency Membership Dues
[  ]  1—3 HR professional staff                           $417
[  ]  4—6 HR professional staff                           $835
[  ]  7—10 HR professional staff                         $1,005
[  ]  11—25 HR professional staff                       $2,583
[  ]  26—50 HR professional staff                       $3,694
[  ]  More than 50 HR professional staff               $4,064
 Please indicate the total number of HR professional staff in your Agency.


With this new Agency Membership format, every HR staff member will receive:
• Weekly issues of the e-newsletter, HR Bulletin.
• Up to 12 issues of HR News (online access), our monthly magazine featuring member contributions and other HR news.
• Passwords to access the members-only section of the IPMA-HR website, including more than 500+ sample HR policies, benchmarking surveys, case studies, best practices on current HR policies, and RFPs on more than 100 different HR topics.
• At least 8 select IPMA-HR webinars per year are free.
• Member rates on IPMA-HR professional development programs and certification.
• All your human resources and HR-related staff are eligible to serve on IPMA-HR committees/taskforces.
• $200 savings on IPMA-HR International Training Conference & Expo registration—the premier event for public sector HR professionals with more than 25 educational sessions and pre-conference workshops.

Why are these new membership benefits being offered?
Simply put—members spoke, and we listened. The new benefits come as a result of extensive discussions, inquiries, and research surveys conducted over many months involving both IPMA-HR staff and members. Based on highly positive member feedback and thoughtful deliberations, the Executive Council overwhelmingly approved the new benefits in March 2017.


How will Agency membership be different?
Your Agency membership will be changing in two ways. First, IPMA-HR will now extend access to member benefits to all of your Agency’s Human Resources and HR-Related Staff. Second, we have added new benefits such as up to 8 select complimentary IPMA-HR webinars per year, a $200 savings on registration to the IPMA-HR International Training Conference & Expo, and passwords for all members to access the members-only section of the IPMA-HR website.
As a result, the new IPMA-HR Agency membership will be much more streamlined. Rather than processing several Individual Memberships, there will be one level that covers all of your Agency’s Human Resources and HR-Related Staff. This should help your Agency eliminate some of the administrative burden you may currently face in having to budget and track individual staff member levels and their benefits.
How does the new Agency membership fee structure differ from the previous?
All HR and HR related staff will receive membership benefits. Dues will be a flat fee based on the number of HR and HR related staff in the Agency. The flat annual rate offers membership benefits to every employee and gives everyone direct access to the most comprehensive HR Resources.
What benefits come with adding more people from my Agency as an IPMA-HR member? All HR and HR related staff will have access to benefits such as discounts on courses and timely access to government affairs update. With an organizational membership, the Agency can plan ahead and budget for professional development, saving time and money.


What is the cost savings associated with adding more people under an Agency membership vs. keeping additional staff as individual members?
With Agency Membership, dues will be a lot lower and simpler. Everyone in the organization will have the access to benefits.


Is the Agency membership based on how many staff members an Agency has or how many members an Agency wants to include in the membership? 

It is based on the number of HR and HR related staff members an Agency has, not who they want to include.


Will all staff members under the Agency membership get their own log-in?
Yes, absolutely.


Who at my Agency will have access to benefits and is there a limit on the number of staff members who can participate?
The new Agency Membership structure includes benefits for all of your Agency’s Human Resources and HR-Related Staff.


Why should my organization purchase an Agency Membership?
For one flat rate, the IPMA-HR Agency Membership provides all HR staff members in your agency the rewards of a strong learning community, resources, and research. That’s a smart investment to empower everyone at your agency to be more effective and dynamic in their roles.

How do we get everyone at our association registered for the Agency Membership?
After you’ve registered as an Agency Member, IPMA-HR will contact you with instructions for each staff member to set up a profile and activate his or her membership online.

My organization is ready to join IPMA-HR. How do we apply?
There are four easy ways to sign up for an Agency Membership:
 Join online.
• Call our Member Service Center at 703-549-7100.

What will our renewal date be?
Your Agency Membership renewal date will be one year from the date we process your Agency Membership application.

My organization has multiple offices in multiple states. How can we take advantage of the Agency Membership?
Agency Memberships are based on an organization’s office address. Each office location must purchase a separate organizational membership.

What if my organization’s staff size changes during our membership term?
You can upgrade your membership at any time by sending a request to

We are an Agency Member of IPMA-HR, and a staff member recently left. Can we transfer that membership to the new hire?
Yes, you would complete a Member Update form and send it to
Questions? Please call (703) 549-7100 or send an email to