Public sector HR comes together here.

HR executives and analysts. HR leaders from local, state and federal agencies. Labor relations and HR directors. Supporters of our nation’s governmental organizations. PSHRA is where all come together to craft and carry out a vision for the future of public sector HR, the advancement of excellence in our field, and the delivery of quality public service.

Your agency has an important mission. A mission that requires you to be here, where important conversations happen. Where experts and expertise come together around the issues that affect your agency the most. Take a seat at the table and be part of the conversation.

The best minds, the latest research and the most trusted data and tools are here. Are you?

Public sector HR has unique qualities and challenges: No other organization understands this better than we do.

Our staff provides expertise to advance knowledge, advocate policy, and provide the data, tools and services your agency needs.

Your feedback shapes priorities and informs our positions. PSHRA acts on your behalf, harnessing the collective voice and perspective of the entire public sector HR community. Your engagement strengthens our impact.

PSHRA brings many diverse perspectives together. We want yours.

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