Recognizing Excellence in Public Sector HR

IPMA-HR recognizes the outstanding accomplishments best of the best [Converted]of our members and the work they do on behalf of their agencies. Our organization is home to many HR professionals who have given tirelessly to the advancement of our profession and/or who are leading agencies that are paving the way for advancements in the field of public sector HR.

Check out the list of some of our past winners.

As an IPMA-HR member, take a moment to consider nominating a colleague (or yourself) for one of our awards, fellowships or scholarships. The details for eligibility and applications are included in each individual description below.

Application Submission Instructions:
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Please contact us at, if you have any questions about the awards available below.

2021 Agency Award of Excellence

Check out the list of some of our past winners.
The Association established this award to recognize the overall quality, accomplishments and contributions of an agency human resource program that exceeds the normal operation of a “good government human resource program.” Awards may be given in each of the following categories, based on the number of employees covered by your human resources program:
  1. Small Agency – Under 1,999 employees
  2. Medium Agency – 2,000 to 9,999 employees
  3. Large Agency – 10,000 and over

The awards are based on program initiatives, accomplishments and contributions within the three-year time period immediately preceding the nomination. Agencies nominated must be an IPMA-HR Agency Member with a minimum of three years consecutive membership.

2021 Honorary Life Membership

IPMA-HR Honorary Life Memberships are awarded to up to two members per year “who have rendered distinguished service in advancing or upholding the purposes of this organization,” as stated in IPMA-HR’s bylaws. Members who have held office or who have made significant contributions to IPMA-HR at the national, regional or chapter levels, or who have accomplished distinguished authorship or research or other professional achievements may be selected to receive an IPMA-HR Honorary Life Membership.

The recipient of this award will no longer be charged a fee for membership, may vote, and run for elected office.  All other fees for products, services, and events still apply.  

2021 Chapter Award

The Chapter Award for Excellence recognizes those chapters that significantly advance and enhance the human resources profession through innovative membership recruitment/retention strategies, excellent educational programs, and quality member communication.

2021 College Scholarship

The college scholarships are not just for Freshmen!  The scholarship is open to your first, second, third, and fourth year students!  Send in your applications before it is too late!

IPMA-HR provides one-time scholarships of $1,000 to the children of IPMA-HR members who are seeking undergraduate degrees at accredited colleges and universities. Preference is given to students who are seeking degrees in human resource management or public administration. The parent or legal guardian of applicants must be a current member of IPMA-HR and have maintained membership for at least the last three years.

2021 Graduate Study Fellowship

IPMA-HR's Graduate Study Fellowship allows recipients to pursue graduate study in public administration, business administration, the law or a related field. In 2020, IPMA-HR will award up to $2,000 to each of two individuals seeking graduate degrees in the aforementioned fields. The Fellowship is renewable for a maximum of one academic year, subject to evidence of maintaining grades of B or better or a GPA of 3.0 or better. During the second year, fellowship recipients must remain a member of the Association. Ph.D. candidates are not eligible for the Graduate Study Fellowship.

This is a chance “not-to-be-missed” for eligible IPMA-HR members who have decided to continue their education. All eligible members are encouraged to apply.