Past Award Winners

Warner W. Stockberger Achievement Award

The Stockberger Achievement Award was established to honor the memory of Dr. Warner W. Stockberger, a pioneer and leader in federal personnel administration. Stockberger was the first director of personnel for the for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and served as the first president of the Society for Personnel Administration. The award recognizes and honors a person in public or private life who has made an outstanding contribution toward the improvement of public personnel management at any level of government.

Warner W. Stockberger Achievement Award Recipients

2016: Richard Heil, IPMA-SCP
2015: Christine M. Major, IPMA-SCP
2014: Robert M. Tobias
2013: Oscar B. Jackson, Jr., IPMA-SCP
2012: John Berry
2011: Fagan D. Stackhouse, IPMA-SCP
2010: Reginald F. Wells, Ph.D.
2009: Max Stier
2008: Rosslyn S. Kleeman
2007: Donald F. Kettl
2006: John Palguta
2005: David Walker
2004: Jonathan Brock
2003: Frank P. Cipolla
2002: Richard C. Brainerd
2001: Samuel H. Dean
2000: Robert J. Lavigna
1998: George C. Sinnott
1997: Dave Ulrich
1996: Margaret Sellers Walker
1995: Sandra Biloon
1994: Barbara L. Sundquist
1993: Charles A. Pounian
1992: A.M. “Biff” Elliott
1991: Constance B. Newman
1990: Augustus F. Hawkins
1989: Thomas F. Lewinsohn
1988: James M. Mitchell
1987: William F. Danielson
1986: Ersa H. Poston
1985: Robert D. Krause
1984: Muriel M. Morse
1983: Thelma Hunt
1982: Henry F. Hubbard
1981: Donald B. Hayman
1980: Merrill J. Collett
1979: Chester A. Newland
1978: Alan K. Campbell
1977: Emery E. Olson
1976: Esther C. Lawton
1975: Winston W. Crouch
1974: F. Arnold McDermott
1973: Franklin K. DeWald
1972: Elmer B. Staats
1971: Robert E. Hampton
1970: Charles F. Mullally
1969: Kenneth O. Warner
1968: Carl B. Barnes
1967: Morris K. Udall
1966: Robert H. Wiley
1965: Arthur J. Goldberg
1964: Warren B. Irons
1963: Dale Yoder
1962: Rensis Likert
1961: O. Glenn Stahl
1960: Roger W. Jones
1959: Albert H. Aronson
1958: Marion B. Folsom
1957: John W. Macy, Jr.
1956: James P. Mitchell
1955: Harold W. Dodds
1954: Leonard D. White
1953: T. Roy Reid
1952: Robert Ramspeck
1951: Gordon R. Clapp
1950: Frederick M. Davenport
1949: Ismar Baruch
1948: Arthur S. Flemming

IPMA-HR Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Memberships are given to recognize and honor persons who have rendered distinguished service in advancing or upholding the purposes of the Association. Honorary Life Members have, at no fee, all the rights and privileges of individual members, including the right to hold Association office and to vote on all issues requiring a decision by the membership. No more than two people can be awarded the IPMA-HR Honorary Life Membership in one year.

IPMA-HR Honorary Life Members

Mila Cosgrove, IPMA-SCP
Phyllis Lynes, IPMA-SCP
George T. McNeill, IPMA-SCP
Kimla T. Milburn, IPMA-SCP
Barbara Montoya, IPMA-SCP
Samuel L. Wilkins, IPMA-SCP
Achille R. Albouze
Carlos G. Arauz
Clifford N. Amsden
Albert H. Aronson
Carl B. Barnes
Ismar Baruch
G. Lyle Belsley
Sandra Biloon
Eileen Bitten
Charles H. Bland
Charles Blockett, Jr.
Ralph O. Bowser
Richard C. Brainerd
Alan V. Christenson
Frank P. Cipolla
Merrill J. Collett
Herbert W. Cornell
Margaret Cottrell-Boyd
J. Craig Cumbey
Charles H. Cushman
Arnold DeMille
William F. Danielson
Samuel H. Dean
Franklin K. DeWald
John J. Driscoll
William Duffe
Charles E. Dunbar
A.M. “Biff” Elliott
L. Wayne Etheredge
John F. Fisher
Jack H. Foster
J. Staney Fraser
Robert R. Fredlund
Edward C. Gallas
Nesta M. Gallas
Robert C. Garnier
Larry K. Goodwin
Harold C. Graham
Steven A. Harman
Joseph W. Hawthorne
Richard Heil
W. Donald Heisel
Lynn Hellinger
Robert H. Helmes
C.J. Hess
Gerald F. Hoddinott
Henry F. Hubbard
Thelma Hunt
George T. Jackson
John W. Jackson
Oscar B. Jackson, Jr.
Pam Kannady
H. Eliot Kaplan
Robert G. Keller, Jr.
Robert D. Krause
Philip M. Kundin
Ronald M. Kurtz
Angus Laird
Steve Lanclos
Robert J. Lavigna
Esther C. Lawton
Thomas F. Lewinsohn
Clyde J. Lindley
Joe Lunt
Sally K. Marshall
Albert P. Maslow
Samuel C. May
William E. McCarthy
F. Arnold McDermott
Henry J. McFarland
Doris McGuffey
David Hill
Charles P. Messick
Charles A. Meyer
Maude Meyers
James Mitchell
Sharon Morris
T.G. Morry
Muriel M. Morse
Nicholas J. Oganovic
Emery E. Olson
John M. Pfiffner
Enrique Pinero
Ersa H. Poston
Charles A. Pounian
Foster B. Roser
Richard A. Ross
Richard L. Rowe
R. Elliott Scearce
Charlie B. Shapard
Theodore L. Sharp
Norman R. Sharpless
William W. Shaw
Oliver C. Short
Robert S. Smith
Fagan Stackhouse
O. Glenn Stahl
Pam Stewart
Rosemarie Straight
James Stratton
John R. Stuart
Donald J. Sublette
Barbara L. Sundquist
Edwin L. Swain
Fred Telford
Susan Toy Stern
Lynda S. von Bargen
Margaret Sellers Walker
Kenneth O. Warner
Fred Weiner
Carl Wettengel
Maggie Whelan
Leonard D. White
S.J. Whitney

Chapter Award of Excellence

The Chapter Award of Excellence recognizes those chapters that significantly advance and enhance the human resources profession through innovative membership recruitment and retention strategies, excellent educational programs and quality member communications. All IPMA-HR chapters nominated for the Chapter Award of Excellence must have submitted their current and previous year’s chapter reporting form and be current in paying IPMA-HR’s united membership fee in order to be eligible for the award.

Chapter Award of Excellence Recipients

Colorado Chapter
Kentucky Chapter

Kentucky Chapter 

Montgomery County Chapter, Maryland

Tennessee Chapter of IPMA-HR (TPMA)

Alabama Association of Public Personnel Administrators IPMA-HR

IPMA-HR San Diego Chapter