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IPMA-HR is dedicated to promoting excellence in the practice of human resource management throughout the world.

IPMA-HR is proud to be a partner organization of the United Nations Public Administration Network. unpanlogoUNPAN is designed to help countries, especially developing countries and countries in economic transition, to respond to the challenges that governments face in bridging the digital divide between the 'haves and have-nots' and to achieve their development goals.

We have extended our network and partnered with other like-minded agencies to serve the international community. We aim to share our HR knowledge, best practices and experience to enhance HR management in public sectors the world over.

UNPAN Newsletter

2019 Sichuan Delegation

2019 Sichuan Delegation

National Human Resources Development Institute -

2018 Global Public HR Conference -- Seoul, Korea

South Korean Partnership


  • Launched a public sector HR network



  • 2009 Caribbean Region Public Sector HR Conference


  • Developed human resources training and certification programs in partnership with TCSAFEA


  • Developed a 4-phased approach to HR professional management training
  • Created Iraq program description

United Arab Emirates

  • Human Resources: The Sustainable Capital for the New Era

United Kingdom

  • London Calling …The 2010 PPMA Conference


  • Sponsored the creation of the Human Resource Recruitment and Best Talent Tool Kit