Membership Categories & Pricing

Become a member of IPMA-HR and join thousands of your public sector colleagues and a community of members who all share a common interest... public human resources.

IPMA-HR offers agency level membership as well as four individual membership categories, all designed to fit your needs.


All agencies conducting public HR functions, both in the U.S. and internationally are eligible for membership in this category. Independent consulting groups, for-profit, and private sector companies can also seek membership under this category. Dues are based on the number of staff in your HR department.

Standard Agency Membership

  • U.S. Agencies - Federal, state, or local level, special district, or school district in the United States. Dues depend on the number of covered staff.
  • Associates - Independent consulting groups or other for-profit, private sector company.  Dues depend on the number of covered staff.



All individuals currently working in the HR field, or unemployed but looking for HR work, or retired from the industry, are eligible to seek membership in this category.

Standard Individual Membership

  • Individuals - Individuals employed by an agency and currently working in the Public HR field or are currently unemployed and looking for work in the field.
  • Consultants - Individuals employed by independent consulting groups or other for-profit or private sector companies.                                                                                                                             

Online Individual Membership

  • Anyone who qualifies as an individual member, but only wishes to receive the online version of the monthly publication, HR News.

Entry-Level Professional

This special online membership is designed for new government HR professionals in their first 5 years of working in the field. Entry-Level  Professional members do not receive printed publications, but will have access to publications online.


All individuals fully retired from personnel work that are no longer employed or acting as consultants.


Any full-time graduate or undergraduate student, or any person participating in a formal public service internship sponsored by a recognized academic institution is eligible for membership in this category. Please provide a copy of your student ID or most recent transcripts with your membership application.


Chapter Affiliate

Feel free to join your local IPMA-HR chapter and network with Human Resources professionals in your area.

IPMA-HR Bulletin Weekly Weekly
IPMA-HR News Magazine 12 Printed Issues
Public Personnel Management Journal 4 Online Issues
Online Membership Directory Free Web Access
Quarterly Webinars
covering important HR topics such as employee engagement, compensation basics, ethics, social media, and more
Free Web Access Member Rate
IPMA-HR Certification Designations (IPMA-SCP and IPMA-CP)
professional credentials thatarepublic sector focused and competency based
Member Rate Member Rate
Developing Competencies For HR Success
a comprehensive leadership course developed to provide mid-and-senior level HR professionals
Member Rate Member Rate
Public Sector HR Essentials Certificate Program
expert designed, self paced online courses for professional development within public sector human resources
Member Rate Member Rate
Professional Development
live and interactive webinars focusing on current and emerging HR issues in the public sector
Member Rate Member Rate
IPMA-HR International Training Conference & Expo
an annual conference for public sector HR professionals with more than 25 educational sessions
Member Rate Member Rate
Access To Members-Only Website Content Included
Online Resources
including sample HR policies, benchmarking surveys, case studies, best practices, on current HR policies, and RFPs on more than 100 different HR topics
Job Listings
for HR positions across the United States
$100 Discount Full Price
Public Safety Tests
(for agency members only)
5% Discount Full Price
* As a chapter affiliate you will not be allowed to hold IPMA-HR national office or vote in elections


Agency Membership

1-3 Staff $397
4-10 Staff $957
11-25 Staff $2,389
26-50 Staff $3,350
More than 50 HR Professional Staff $3,685

Individual Membership

Standard Individual $149
Online Individual $109
Emeritus $79
Student $37
Entry-Level Professional $79

Individual memberships cannot be transferred

Not sure which membership is right for you or your organization?

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