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The International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) is a nonprofit, educational organization established for the purposes of fostering and developing sound policies and practices in public human resource management.

We are dedicated to providing resources and advocacy for public human resource professionals at all levels. Comprised of four U.S. regions and more than 42 chapters, IPMA-HR represents more than 9,000 individuals and 1,100 agencies in local, state and federal levels of government worldwide.

Our local chapters have long played an important role in the growth and development of personnel administration and have been one of the most significant components of organizational strength within the Association.

Chapters and Chapter Presidents

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Region Presidents

Eastern Region
Kathryn R. Cappeta
State of New Jersey Judiciary
Shamong, NJ

Central Region
Lori S. Briggs, IPMA-SCP
City of Kansas City
Maryville, MO

Southern Region
Lucinda Meltabarger
Mustang, OK

Western Region
Sonja Stanchina, IPMA-SCP
Contra Costa Water District
Concord, CA  94524