The Executive Council approved the requirement that a Region Affiliation Agreement (2020)  would be signed annually by the region presidents and the association. The purpose of the affiliation agreement is to clarify the relationship, roles, and responsibilities between IPMA-HR and the regions. The Internal Revenue Service requires affiliation agreements for any organizations seeking a group tax exemption.

Leadership Conference

IPMA-HR conducts a leadership program for chapter and region volunteers annually in the summer. Participation in the Leadership Conference is by invitation to two officers designated by a chapter and for both the president and president-elect of the regions as well as the region representatives. The Association covers conference registration and hotel expenses (2 nights) for invited attendees only.

Liability Insurance

Each region is covered at no cost on the Association’s liability policy for both errors and omissions and business liability coverage.

Link from IPMA-HR to Region Web Site

The Association provides a link from the IPMA-HR website to region homepages as available, and for regions without their own website, IPMA-HR lists information pertaining to the regions.

Region Responsibilities

  • Provide Board and Officer roster and contact information annually.
  • Assist the Association with chapter development.
  • Assist the Association with membership recruitment/retention.