HR Foundations: A Guide for Non-HR Managers

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Human resources competency has never been more critical. No other function in a modern organization has the opportunity to interact with or impact virtually all of an organization’s operational staff and program areas, making a basic understanding of HR functions beneficial to all line managers, regardless of their area of expertise.

It is our common tendency to think of the functions of human resources as confined to the HR department and their legions of subject-matter experts. However, if we stop to think about it, line managers are very much involved in the daily tasks of HR: Hiring, motivating and retaining employees is a large part of the job of a line manager. Unfortunately, managers are often poorly prepared for these activities.

IPMA-HR’s manual for non-HR managers is intended to illustrate the need and importance of managerial partnering with the HR staff in the oversight and management of every organization’s most precious resource: its employees. Designed specifically for line managers, this manual explains and delineates the responsibilities and interrelationships for both line managers and HR staff in achieving organizational success.