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Available Now! Reviewed by legal counsel and updated accordingly, the fifth edition of IPMA-HR’s Interview Guide is a must-have for anyone involved in the hiring process, particularly in the public sector.

Interview Guide CoverMake Better Hiring Decisions with IPMA-HR's Interview Guide

The interview is a critical part of the hiring process that, if executed correctly, will ultimately help move your organization forward. Make sure your interview team has everything they need to ensure a successful hiring processing with IPMA-HR’s Interview Guide.

This 25-page booklet:

  • Provides a structured, fair and consistent process that’s easy to implement — and virtually foolproof.
  • Saves money in the interview process, helping you and your team quickly zero in on the right candidates.
  • Minimizes mistakes that are based on gut feelings and first impressions.
  • Helps you maintain a legal hiring process by ensuring that all interviewers ask predetermined and agreed-upon questions.

Easy to use, IPMA-HR's Interview Guide serves as a perfect reference source for HR professionals and is an excellent risk-management tool. It is conveniently broken down into seven essential sections:

  1. Introduction and General Guidelines. Define your goals and find out how to ask job-related questions.
  2. Common Mistakes. Avoid common interview mistakes with the information and tips provided in this section.
  3. Types of Questions. Learn the characteristics and purpose of the different types of interview questions, including closed- and open-ended, focused, leading and situational questions.
  4. Sample Questions. A list of the best sample questions related to education and training, leadership/initiative, teamwork, innovation, management skills, customer service skills, interest in your organization and career field.
  5. Questions to Avoid. Find out which questions you need to avoid, learn how to ask what you want to know legally, and explore the legal implications of covering the following areas: personal (e.g., marital status), race, national origin, religion, age, disability/health, criminal activity, gender/sex, military, discrimination, sick leave, financial, residence, unions, and workers' compensation.
  6. Post-interview Procedures. Includes guidelines for evaluating interview results, checking references, notifying applicants of their status and making a job offer.
  7. Collecting Applicant Background Data & Preparing Interview Records. Provides guidelines for complying with federal and state laws requiring employers to maintain records on all job applicants, including data on their race, sex and ethnic background.

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