Workforce and Succession Planning Guide

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One of the greatest challenges organizations face is recruiting and retaining an effective current and future workforce. Today’s public sector organizations must be results-driven, citizen-centered, and market-based to meet the needs and expectations of the communities they serve.

Workforce and succession planning benefits managers by providing a strategic and consistent approach to identifying gaps between current job skills and competencies needed to perform work in the future, preparing for the growing number of retirements, maintaining and recruiting a diverse workforce, providing an orderly way to address external or internal environmental changes that could impact the workforce, and preparing for expansion, restructuring or reduction in the workforce.

The purpose of this guide is to help your organization engage in the planning necessary to have the workforce it needs today and in the future.

Topics covered include:

  • Workforce Planning Definitions
  • Why Workforce Planning is Important
  • Establishing the Workforce Planning Team
  • Establishing an Action Plan to Entrench the Workforce Plan in the Strategic Plan