Employee Engagement Services

IPMA-HR and CPS HR Consulting have teamed up to assist you and your agency in improving your level of employee engagement.

Employee engagement is the fuel that drives everything, including strategic goal achievement, customer service, innovation, employee retention, employee attendance and workplace safety. In other words, engaged employees are critical to your agency’s performance.

Diverse group working together as a team

Engaged employees have pride in their organization and its mission and are deeply committed to its success. They provide “discretionary effort,” going above and beyond basic job requirements. They find their work meaningful and rewarding and, in turn, engaged employees deliver for the organization, its leaders, their coworkers and the public.

For government, the stakes are too high to ignore the potential of a more engaged and committed workforce, because when public sector employees are engaged and perform well, government also performs well, which also improves public trust in and support for government agencies.

CPS HR Consulting and IPMA-HR understand the complexities and unique challenges of managing in government. That’s why we’ve teamed up to offer public sector organizations the tools and resources to understand and improve engagement.

We start by surveying your employees to measure engagement levels and to understand the engagement issues in your workforce. But that’s just the start. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to improving engagement, but by leveraging our decades of research, experience and insights, we can guide government organizations on a well-established path toward a more engaged and committed workforce.

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