• HR News_July 22_Cover

    HR News July 2022

    July 5, 2022

    In This Issue

    Dan Cafaro

    How to Create a Culture of Purpose and Connection at Work | Let’s Get to What Matters for Employee Well-being
    Jessica Grossmeier, Ph.D., MPH

    Cultural Change Is Needed to Promote Better Mental Health in the Workplace
    Brittany Barhite, Ed.D.

    Employee Resource Groups | The Key to Building an Engaged Workforce
    Derrick Coleman

    Bridging Employee Engagement | 4 EHS Strategies to Promote Greater Talent Retention
    Sean Baldry

    How to Survive the Midcareer Employee Crisis
    Lee W. Frederiksen, Ph.D.

    5 Ways to Combat COVID-19 Bullying in the Workplace
    Michele Ruiz

    How to Create Video Meeting Guidelines That Help Your Employees Thrive
    Adam Riggs

    6 Email Tips for Busy HR Professionals
    Elizabeth Lowe

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, July 2022 | Mila Cosgrove, IPMA-SCP, IPM-CE, Principal Consultant, Workplace Solutions AK, Juneau, Alaska

  • HR News_June 22_Cover

    HR News June 2022

    June 1, 2022

    In This Issue

    Cara Woodson Welch

    Mental Health at Work Needs a Reboot
    Laura Putnam

    Engaging Millennial and Gen Z Employees in Workplace Safety | Younger Workers Are More Likely to Find Intrinsic Value in Safety
    Rachel Walla-Housman, CSP, CIH

    We Are Writing a New Playbook for Work-Life Balance
    Kaitlin Kincaid

    Want to Retain Top Recruiters? Institute a Be-Well Mantra
    Khaled Hussein

    Looking for Simple Ways to Improve Employee Morale? | Provide Ongoing Education on Benefits and Incentive HSA Participation
    Kevin Robertson

    To Build a High-Performing Team, Commit to a Shared Transformational Journey
    Richard S. Hawkes, MBA

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, June 2022 | James “Jamie” Chism, MSOD, SHRM-CP, IPMA-SCP, Director, Human Resources, City of Winfield, Kan.

  • HR-News_May 22_cover

    HR News May 2022

    May 1, 2022

    In This Issue

    Jennifer Fairweather, M.A., SHRM-SCP, IPMA-SCP, PHR

    Shed Your Organization’s Old Baggage to Journey Into the New World of Leadership Development
    Nick Goldberg

    Under Pressure: How to Build Managers in a Hard-to-Manage World
    Darcy Eikenberg, PCC

    The Skills-Based Approach to Talent Mobility
    Jarin Schmidt

    Creating a Supportive Workplace for Leaders of Color
    Sharyanne McSwain

    Moving Beyond Mentoring to Sponsorship
    Maggie Chan Jones

    The Answer to Improving Job Satisfaction: Lead Like a Woman
    Marissa Afton

    How Leaders Can Identify and Resolve Toxicity in the Workplace
    John Mattone

    Leadership That Bolsters Employee Retention Requires Promptly Investigating Reports of Incivility
    Shelline Bennett, Morin Jacob and Leighton Henderson

    Strategies to Engage on Every Videoconference
    Amy Kim

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, May 2022 | Shontell Jordan, MACR, M.S., IPMA-SCP, IS Trainer & Support, ConciliationWorksTN, Nashville, Tenn.

  • HR News_April 22-Cover

    HR News April 2022

    April 1, 2022

    In This Issue

    Cara Woodson Welch

    Leveraging SEO to Attract Top Talent
    Steve Krull

    Communicating the Value of the Total Compensation Package During Onboarding Is a Key to Public Employers Staying Competitive for Talent
    Rivka Liss-Levinson, Ph.D.

    Give Your Onboarding Process an Inclusion Makeover
    Deanna Singh

    5 Creative Ways to Attract and Retain Talent Amid the Great Resignation
    Amy Spartz

    How Can Strategic Pay Rate Increases Attract New Hires and Retain the Best Talent?
    Lauren Winans

    3 Ways Digital Workplace Technologies Enhance the Employee Experience
    Sean Duffy

    5 Areas to Automate so HR Can Put People First
    Nir Leibovich

    How HR Leaders Can Build Paternity Policies That Employees Will Embrace
    Dr. Nick Taylor

    LEGISLATIVE & POLICY UPDATE, April 2022 | 5 U.S. Supreme Court Cases State and Local Government Employees Should Watch
    Lisa Soronen, J.D.

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, April 2022 | Melissa Knight, M.Ed., PHR, SHRM-CP, Director of Human Resources & Risk Management for Pitkin County, Colo.

  • HR News_March 22_Cover

    HR News March 2022

    March 1, 2022

    In This Issue

    Patricia Spetz, M.A.

    Eradicating Pedigree Bias: A Victory for DEI and a Catalyst for Growth
    Shannon Hogue

    How to Create Equity for All Employees at All Stages of Recruiting, Hiring and Employment
    Tara Jaye Frank

    7 Recruiting Habits You Must Break When Hiring People for Remote and Hybrid Positions
    Rachel Pelta

    Ace Remote Onboarding | Make New Talent Feel Welcome From Day One
    Stephen Kohler

    Why the Great Resignation Has Ushered in a Need to Revisit the Employee Value Proposition
    Karen Mann

    4 Cybersecurity Habits Employees and Employers Must Develop in 2022
    Neil Butchart

    LEGISLATIVE & POLICY UPDATE, March 2022 | A Potential Public Sector Workforce Crisis Prompts Policy Changes

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, March 2022 | Berke Attila, MBA, M.S., CHRO for Montgomery County, Md.

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