• HR News_Feb 23_Cover

    HR News February 2023

    In This Issue

    FROM THE EDITOR, February 2023 | Focusing on the Good in Government
    Mark McGraw, PSHRA

    Forging a New Path | The City of Los Angeles Builds an Alternative Job Pipeline
    Dana Brown and Vincent Cordero

    A Letter from the PSHRA President
    Cheryl Lewis-Smith, PSHRA President

    Keeping a Connection | Federal Agencies Get a Handle on Hybrid Work
    Mark McGraw, PSHRA

    Passing it On | Why the Public Sector Should Consider New Knowledge Transfer Approaches
    Beth M. Ritter, MBA

    What Workers Want | Retention Strategies for Gen X and Gen Z Federal Employees
    Mark McGraw, PSHRA

    Financial Frustrations | Federal Workers Less Than Optimistic About Their Pay
    Mark McGraw, PSHRA

    A Battle Over Abortion Services | New VA Policy Faces Legal Challenges Ahead
    Mark McGraw, PSHRA

    Managing Public Sector Pay in Turbulent Times
    Robert Greene, Ph.D.

    From Call Center to the HR Suite | Elsa Quijada, MOL, CPM, PHR, HR Deputy Director, City of Tucson, Tucson, Ariz.
    Mark McGraw, PSHRA

  • HR News_Nov 22_Cover

    HR News December 2022

    In This Issue

    FROM THE EDITOR, December 2022 | Doing What it Takes to Find, Hire and Hold on To Public Sector Talent
    Mark McGraw, IPMA-HR

    Financial Fitness | Putting Resources at Employees’ Fingertips
    Mark McGraw, IPMA-HR

    Removing the Roadblocks | Improving the Public Sector Job Application Process
    Mark McGraw, IPMA-HR

    Workforce Planning Strategies That Fit Today’s Realities
    Robert Greene, Ph.D

    Outside-the-box Hiring Tools for Today's Competitive Job Market
    Paula Mathias-Fryer

    Is it Time to Transform HR Using Data Insights?
    Neena Kovuru

    Women in the Workplace 2022 Report: 'The Great Breakup' Is Hurting Employers in Need of Leaders
    Mark McGraw, IPMA-HR

    The Best Time to Communicate Your Defined Benefit Plan is Now
    John Lowell

    Cut Through the Confusion | Fighting Job Title Inflation
    Mark McGraw, IPMA-HR

    HR Utility Player Extraordinaire | Amnie Dingus, PHR, IMPA-SCP Director of Human Resources, Culpeper County (Va.)
    Mark McGraw, IPMA-HR

  • HR News_Oct 22_Cover

    HR News October 2022

    In This Issue

    FROM THE EDITOR, October 2022 | Human Touch Still Counts for Something in the Digital Age
    Dan Cafaro

    AI and Employment Decisions | Is the Risk Worth the Reward?
    Nathan T. Jackson

    HR Tech: Are You Tapping the Right Opportunities to Enhance Your Employee Experience?
    Neerja Kumar

    The 2022 Federal Employee Job Satisfaction Report | Post-Pandemic Environment Causing Ripple Effect on Predictors of Job Satisfaction
    Gerome Q. Banks, Ed.D., MBA

    Toward A Public-Private Collaboration: Listening to Leadership’s Needs for Mental Health, Substance Use and Opioid Solutions
    Joel Bennett

    Staying in the Loop: How California’s Public Sector Can Protect Itself Amidst Ever-Evolving Employment Laws
    Corinne Spencer

    How To Effectively Bring Music into the Workplace
    Ross Honey

    City of Coral Springs Champions Well-Being with Behavioral Health Access Program
    Mark McGraw, IPMA-HR

    Musician Offers Nuggets of Wisdom at the 2022 IPMA-HR Annual Conference | Gaining Insight and Wisdom from Challenging Situations
    Mark McGraw, Special to IPMA-HR

    Leading Through Disruption and Change
    Mark McGraw, IPMA-HR Contributing Editor

  • HR News_Sept 22_Cover

    HR News September 2022

    In This Issue

    FROM THE EDITOR, September 2022 | Developing New Capabilities in Today’s Hybrid Workplace
    Dan Cafaro

    Top 10 Predictors of Federal Employee Job Satisfaction
    Gerome Q. Banks, Ed.D., MBA

    How Behavioral Science Can Help Advance Diversity and Minimize Bias in Hiring
    Michelle DiMartino, Michael Hallsworth, Yesenia Martinez, and Lila Tublin

    3 Consequential Soft Skills That Should Be Part of Your Post-Pandemic Learning & Development Curriculum
    Suzanne McCall

    How to Bring Women Back to Work
    Leah Reynolds

    Are Boomerang Employees the Solution to the Great Resignation?
    Paul Lewis

    How to Create a Recovery Friendly Workplace
    Cheryl Brown Merriwether

    Employee Feedback | How 360s Can Improve Performance
    David G. Epstein, IPMA-SCP, SHRM-SCP, CWP, CDP

    Preparing for a Gen Z Workplace
    Steve McIntosh

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, September 2022 | Malena Murray, MSHR, IPMA-SCP, Human Resources Director, Draper City (Utah)
    Dan Cafaro

    VOICES FROM THE COMMUNITY | When Homegrown Talent Feels Stuck
    Devin Meireles

  • HR News_Aug 22_Cover

    HR News August 2022

    August 9, 2022

    In This Issue

    FROM THE EDITOR | Connecting to the Zeitgeist of Today’s Workplace
    Dan Cafaro

    Effective Rewards Strategies in Turbulent Environments
    Robert Greene, Ph.D., and Peter Ronza

    Next-Generation Benefits | A Competitive Advantage Amid the Great Resignation
    Keith Algozzine

    Wellness in the Workplace | DEI and the Employee Value Proposition
    David G. Epstein, IPMA-SCP, SHRM-SCP, CWP, CDP

    Tangled Up in Dobbs | How the ADA, FMLA and Workers’ Compensation Intersect and Interact with State-level Abortion Restrictions
    Kelly Robreno Koster

    Cultivating an Authentic Approach to Employee Mental Health
    Norman Winegar, LCSW, NCAC II, CEAP

    Trends in Employer-Sponsored Health Care Coverage and Other Benefits
    Michael Giusti, M.B.A.

    How Employers Can Lower Workplace Risks for Those with Musculoskeletal Conditions
    Ted Hong

    The Importance of a Population Health Management Approach in Health Care Benefits Packages
    Karthik Ganesh

    RESEARCH NUGGETS | State and Local Workforce 2022: Challenges Abound
    HR Dive and Plan Sponsor reports

    AGENCY ROUNDUP | EEOC: Pay Data Collection Is a Key Tool to Fight Discrimination

    What Lights Me Up: Finding, Developing and Retaining Great Employees | MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Jenifer Phillips, MAOD, PCC, Deputy Director of Human Resources, City of Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.)

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