• HR News_April21_Cover

    HR News April 2021

    In This Issue

    Cara Woodson Welch

    How to Meet Employees’ Growing Need for Mental Health Benefits With Traditional and Emerging Solutions
    Tiffany Stiller

    Ways to Promote Work-Life Balance by Addressing the Main Drivers of COVID-Related Burnout
    Matt Martin

    Is Your EAP Providing the Right Mental Health Care?
    Bill Gianoukos

    In Defense of Praise: Addressing Performance Management Challenges In the Public Sector
    Ed Stevens

    How to Attract and Engage Candidates in the Untapped Pool of Neurodiverse Talent
    Portia Kibble Smith

    Top Inclusion-isms for Successfully Onboarding Employees With Disabilities
    Tova Sherman

    Maintaining Operations by Tracing the Spread of COVID-19 | Contact Tracing Remains an Essential Tool for Safeguarding Employees’ Health and Wellness Even as Vaccines Become Widely Available
    Timothy Williams

    WHAT THE RESEARCH SHOWS, April 2021 | Mental Health and Public Sector HR
    Maria Villarreal

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, April 2021 | Jason Vinette, Director of Personnel for the Town of Irondequoit, N.Y.

  • HR News_March21_Cover

    HR News March 2021

    March 25, 2021

    In This Issue

    Cara Woodson Welch

    Employee Onboarding and Retention During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Cecilia Rodriguez

    Which Trainings Will Help Historically Underrepresented Employees Thrive in Today’s Workplace?
    AiLun Ku

    Recognize the Essential Components of Effective Reskilling | And Understand Why They Must Be Integrated
    Srikant Chellappa

    How Organizations Can Navigate the Vast Learning Technology Market
    Joe Miller

    Virtual Reality Training Can Lead Organizations Forward in the New Normal
    Nick Day

    3 Key Components of Creating a Coaching Culture
    Hema Crockett and Jamie Jacobs

    8 Tips for Choosing an Online Coaching Provider
    Alexandra Connell

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, March 2021 | Debra Bush, Affirmative Employment Specialist for the City of Peoria, Ill.

  • HR News_Feb21_Cover

    HR News February 2021

    February 1, 2021

    In This Issue

    Cara Woodson Welch

    4 Steps Toward Recruiting Top Talent During COVID-19
    Jarin Schmidt

    DEI May Be a No-Brainer, but Getting There Isn’t so Simple
    Dr. Heather Bolton

    Workforce Plans Must Include Workers With Disabilities
    Diane Winiarski

    To Thrive Beyond the Pandemic, Transform With Humanity
    Jim Hemerling

    Plan Now for a Hybrid Remote/Office Workforce and Workplace Tomorrow
    Dominika Paciorkowska

    How to Create a Hybrid Workplace for a Hybrid Workforce
    Adam Segal

    LEGISLATIVE & POLICY UPDATE, February 2021 | A First Look at What a Biden Administration Promises for Public Sector HR

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, February 2021 | David Kitchen, IPMA-SCP, HR Manager for the City of Lehi City, Utah

  • Cover_HR-News_Jan21

    HR News January 2021

    January 1, 2021

    In This Issue

    FROM THE PRESIDENT, January 2021
    Pam Dollard, IPMA-SCP

    Inclusive Recruiting: What Employers Need to Know to Gain the Benefits of Diversity
    Allison O’Kelly

    Hire Effectively in an Increasingly Virtual World
    Grant Ian Gamble

    5 Practical Tips for Improving the Onboarding Experience for Remote Employees
    Maria Villarreal

    Meet the Urgent Need for Online Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling
    Peter Loeb

    COVID-19 Highlighted the Need for a More Flexible Open Enrollment Process
    Ed Seaver

    3 Ways HR Pros Can Improve the Impact of Telehealth and Reduce Costs for Their Organization
    Julian Flannery

    Try Virtual Group Fitness Classes for a Remote Team-Building Boost
    Nicole Wolfe

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, January 2021 | Dena Hernandez, HR Manager for the City of Beeville, Texas

  • HR News_Dec20_Cover

    HR News December 2020

    In This Issue

    FROM THE PRESIDENT, December 2020
    Cheryl Cepelak, IPMA-SCP

    4 Steps Toward Creating an Inclusive Culture
    Risha Grant

    Tips for Improving Workplace Culture With Racial Tensions on the Rise
    Asha Tarry

    Protect Your Talent Initiatives in the #MeToo Era
    Twana Harris

    Unconscious Biases, Myths and Misconceptions to Dispel When Hiring and Retaining Military Veterans
    Lida Citroën

    Ensuring Workplace Rights for LGBTQ Employees | Top 4 Employee Handbook Updates to Make Now
    Christine Lamb

    Best Practices for Accommodating Nonconforming Gender Identities in the Workplace
    Shelline Bennett and Lars T. Reed

    LEADERSHIP ROADMAP, December 2020 | Meeting the Challenges of Managing During a Crisis
    Andrew Rahaman, Ed.D.

    MANAGING PEOPLE IN TOUGH TIMES, December 2020 | The COVID-19 Pandemic Opens Questions About Traditional Civil Service Systems
    Howard Risher, Ph.D.

    Lifelong Contributions, Excellence in Public Sector Human Resource Recognized With 2020 IPMA-HR Awards
    IPMA-HR Staff

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