5 Interactive Tools to Make Your Financial Wellness Program a Slam Dunk

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, it was apparent more needed to be done to provide wraparound financial wellness tools for public sector employees. The pandemic amplified this need and showcased the importance of financial well-being for our workforce.


Educating State & Local Government Workers on Financial Wellness

Brought together by the shared goal of providing financial wellness programming, the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, IPMA-HR and the National Association of State Treasurers Foundation, funded by the Wells Fargo Foundation, developed a number of highly interactive toolkits for government employees, retirees and their families. Collectively, these resources make up the Financial Wellness Education and Support Program.

All of the publicly available reports, infographics, booklets and interactive forms and worksheets are available for free to any HR director to adapt to their own workplace training situations.

The Six Financial Life Stages

New to the financial wellness space? Well, this 20-page booklet will help. It follows the financial journeys of six government employees progressing through different life stages to show how both professional and personal events impact financial goals. The stories of the six personas capture common events in an individual’s journey through the financial cycle.

Intended for broad distribution both virtually and in print, the booklet is designed to help HR departments plan for and deliver internal professional development and training sessions.

Speaker’s Kit and Audience Guide

OK, you have downloaded and printed out a guide. What do you say?

Whether you are making a presentation in person or virtually, the materials in the Speakers Kit and Audience Guide will help you prepare a customized session. In it, you will find facts and additional resources to help you prepare financial wellness programming.

The preloaded PowerPoint deck can be tailored for each event at which you present; just add your governmental logo or seal, enter the appropriate contact information and reword the slides for your audience. Presentations can be further customized for audiences consisting primarily of women, veterans or persons with disabilities. These three groups have been identified by public sector employees as key audiences to reach. The infographics can be used as handouts, and the Financial Wellness Worksheet makes for a good hands-on activity.

Learn more about each of the programs described in this article by visiting https://nast.org/financialwellness/.

Conference in a Box

Once you have content and tips on how to present topics to your audience, how do you get people to show up? Parties are a lot more fun when friends are invited, and we have a solution. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional conference planner.

Find this tool and others..

The Conference in a Box is an all-in-one resource to assist with every aspect of event planning and logistical support for a financial wellness event for employees, retirees and families. The “box” contains logistics checklists for both in-person and virtual events, as well as budgeting checklists. A template for a conference program has also been created and is waiting for you to personalize with the specifics of your program.

Legislative Toolkit

So, your event was a success! We knew it would be. But how do you keep up with educating everyone on important financial wellness skills?

Consider starting at the source for all public sector employees and promoting the adoption of a requirement to complete a financial education course before graduating from high school. According to the Council for Economic Education’s 2020 Survey of the States, at least 21 states have instituted such requirements. Some states also require financial literacy instruction for elementary school students.

Find this tool and others..

Our State Legislative Action Toolkit includes draft text you may wish to use when you work with elected colleagues and appointed officials to introduce legislation. The language can also inform discussions with leaders in public education. It is highly recommended that you access the Council on Economic Education report and review your state’s existing requirements prior to introducing a bill in your state legislature.

New to legislative advocacy? The toolkit suggests several options for spreading the word about your initiative, including tips and guidelines for using social media, wring op-eds and reaching out to local media.

Financial Wellness Census Map

This interactive map is a great tool for networking with others doing the same work and for gaining inspiration from successful programs. It shares findings from the annual State Financial Education Program Census surveys conducted by NAST’s Financial Education and Empowerment Committee. The census is a state-by-state look at efforts pertaining to financial education and wellness programs.

Consulting the map allows anyone to check out what is happening all over the country. Map users can select specific states or download a comprehensive list of all the programs around the United States.

Research shows financial education is needed early and often at every stage of life and as people progress through their careers. Financial Wellness Education and Support Program tools were designed to give you the resources you need to help employees and colleagues improve their financial well-being. We hope you find all the tools useful, and we would greatly appreciate hearing about how you have used them.

Thank you for your commitment to the goal of financial wellness. Good luck with your program!

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