HR News December 2021

  • FROM THE PRESIDENT, December 2021

    Pam Dollard, IPMA-SCP

    As I reflect on the past year, I am appreciative of your nimbleness in ever-changing environments and your eagerness to dive headfirst into resolving each workplace and workforce challenge as it arises. This is why, in a time of continuing disruption, IPMA-HR has continued to be dedicated to providing public sector HR education, resources and professional development.

In This Issue

  • FROM THE PRESIDENT, December 2021

    Pam Dollard, IPMA-SCP

  • 5 Ways HR Professionals Can Serve as Champions of DEI

    Keith R. Wyche

  • Using Social Media Screening to Create a Better Culture

    Alla Schay

  • Know the Risks and Benefits of Searching an Applicant’s Social Media

    Karen Michael

  • Online Learning Has Skyrocketed Because It’s Flexible in Ways You Might Not Recognize

    Philip Alexander

  • Improving Drug Testing for a Safer, More Productive Workforce

    Heather Horn

  • Combating COVID-19-Related Fraud Starts With Training Employees

    Kenneth C. Pickering

  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health on Vacation

    Dean Aslinia

  • MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, December 2021 | Get to Know Fellow IPMA-HR Members


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