HR News November 2021

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    Cara Woodson Welch

  • Unconventional Ways to Fight Hiring Bias in a Competitive Market

    Arthur Woods

  • 3 Wellness Initiatives to Improve Your DEIB Recruiting and Retention Efforts

    Susan Van Klink

  • Building an Effective Sexual Harassment Training Program

    Christina Gialleli

  • Leading Diverse Teams Post-Pandemic

    Tom Barry

  • 6 Ways Leadership Can Keep Employees Engaged in Today’s Work Environment

    Corinne Spencer and Antwoin Wall

  • Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying | Addressing Behavior That Is Problematic but not Illegal

    Alezah Trigueros and Garrett Smith

  • ‘Everything’s OK’: The Big Lie We’re Telling Ourselves | How to Create a Sustainable Culture of Honesty and Psychological Safety With Intention, Commitment and Willingness to Hear Difficult Truths

    Leslie Jones

  • Why AI Is an Essential Tool for Recruiting Talent

    Kumar Ananthanarayana

  • LEGISLATIVE & POLICY UPDATE, November 2021 | The New U.S. Supreme Court Term Will Produce Important Rulings for Public Sector HR


  • MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, November 2021 | Melanie Veal, HR Director for the Butler Metro Housing Authority, Hamilton, Ohio


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