HR News October 2022

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  • FROM THE EDITOR, October 2022 | Human Touch Still Counts for Something in the Digital Age

    Dan Cafaro

  • AI and Employment Decisions | Is the Risk Worth the Reward?

    Nathan T. Jackson

  • HR Tech: Are You Tapping the Right Opportunities to Enhance Your Employee Experience?

    Neerja Kumar

  • The 2022 Federal Employee Job Satisfaction Report | Post-Pandemic Environment Causing Ripple Effect on Predictors of Job Satisfaction

    Gerome Q. Banks, Ed.D., MBA

  • Toward A Public-Private Collaboration: Listening to Leadership’s Needs for Mental Health, Substance Use and Opioid Solutions

    Joel Bennett

  • Staying in the Loop: How California’s Public Sector Can Protect Itself Amidst Ever-Evolving Employment Laws

    Corinne Spencer

  • How To Effectively Bring Music into the Workplace

    Ross Honey

  • City of Coral Springs Champions Well-Being with Behavioral Health Access Program

    Mark McGraw, IPMA-HR

  • Musician Offers Nuggets of Wisdom at the 2022 IPMA-HR Annual Conference | Gaining Insight and Wisdom from Challenging Situations

    Mark McGraw, Special to IPMA-HR

  • Leading Through Disruption and Change

    Mark McGraw, IPMA-HR Contributing Editor

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