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    HR News September 2018

    In This Issue

    5 Advantages of a Diverse Workforce No One Talks About
    Jim Morris

    Evolving an Organization’s Culture Sparks a Revolution in How Work Gets Done
    Curtis L. Odom, Ed.D.

    3 Myths About Hiring People With Disabilities
    Paula Morgan

    5 Ways to Engage Your Employees Before Open Enrollment
    Chris Whitlow

    Law Enforcement Agencies Respond to the Hiring Crisis
    Jenny Donovan

    Are You Really Ready to Improve Employee Engagement?
    Bob Lavigna, IPMA-SCP

    Locality Pay Differentials Are a Fact of Life
    Howard Risher, Ph.D.

  • Aug18-cover

    HR News August 2018

    July 30, 2018

    In This Issue

    The Future of HR Technology Is AI. Are You Ready?
    Joana Ardelean, PHR, CC

    3 Ways HR Departments Can Benefit From Using AI
    Thierry Hubert

    Take a More Practical Approach to HR Analytics
    David Creelman

    Making the Transition From Simply Reporting to Providing Analytic Insights
    Nancy Buonanno Grennan

    Phoenix Developed Its Workforce Plan by Getting Back to Basics
    Denise Overstreet, IPMA-SCP

    A Large Sheriff’s Office Fills all Its Open Positions
    Lt. Douglas Wade, Capt. Rick Newson and Sheriff Calvin Hayden

    Embrace the Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Learning and Coaching
    Andrew Rahaman, Ed.D.

    Managing the Costs of Wages, Salaries and Benefits

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    HR News July 2018

    In This Issue

    Training Is the Critical Link in a Successful Performance Management Program
    By Nicole D. Carr

    3 Steps Organizations Must Take to Fill the Tech Skills Gap
    By Stefano Bellasio

    Designing and Effective Analytics Training Program
    By Nick Pan and Hasanath Mohammed

    Tackling the Law Enforcement Personnel Shortage Takes More Than Money
    By Ed Lamb

    5 Steps to Be a Great Manager
    By Brian Kelley

    The Disability Interactive Process for Stress and Mental Health
    By Rachel Shaw

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    HR News June 2018

    In This Issue

    Harnessing the Power of ‘I-You’ to Do Irresistible Recruiting
    By Jeff Butler

    What Automation and the Gig Economy Mean for Hiring and Employee Development
    By Teresa Schneider and Ray Klahr

    New Ideas for Recruiting and Retaining a Qualified, Inclusive Workforce
    By Lori Taylor

    Hiring Doesn’t Need to Be About Who You Know
    By Jack Skeen, Ph.D.

    12 Diversity Training Best Practices
    By Mauricio Velásquez

    Our Organizations Are Changing. Is Your Conversational Style?
    By Andrew Rahaman, Ed.D.

    Managing the Costs of Wages, Salaries and Bonuses

    Talent Management Should Be a Higher Priority
    By Howard Risher, Ph.D.

  • HR News May 2018 Cover

    HR News May 2018

    In This Issue

    Are You Ready for Succession Planning
    By Sharon Harris

    Steps Toward Incorporating Succession Planning Into Human Capital Management Functions
    By Allison LeMay

    Using Internships to Prime the Government Agency Talent Pipeline
    By Ed Lamb

    Strategies for Developing Our Next Generation of Leaders
    By Janet May and Janice Corbin

    Is the Public Sector Ready for Millennials?
    By Deborah Caruso

    EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: Improving Employee Engagement by Improving Employee Recognition
    By Bob Lavigna, IPMA-SCP

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