• March 2018 HR News Cover

    HR News March 2018

    March 1, 2018

    In This Issue

    Plan Ahead to Minimize the Risk for a Financial Disaster Following a Natural Disasters
    By Jennifer Dowd

    Developing, Testing and Refining a Water District Emergency Response Plan
    By Larry Costello

    Why and How HR Staff Needs to Get Involved in Disaster Planning and Response
    By Ed Lamb

    Build Leadership Development Programs From Self-Awareness
    By Jonathan Pugh, IPMA-SCP

    How to Keep Staff Safe During and After a Natural Disaster
    By Jonathan Wiersma

    MANAGING PEOPLE IN TOUCH TIMES: An Answer to the Staffing Problem
    By Howard Risher


  • HR News Feb 2018 cover

    HR News February 2018

    In This Issue

    Developing a Resilient Mindset
    By Julius Rhodes

    Health Claims Avoidance Programs Can Drive Down Health Care Costs
    By Mike Cully

    Protect Your Organization From Errors in Hiring and Contracting With Safety Professionals
    By Ed Lamb

    Gender Quake 2.0
    By Mauricio Valesquez

    Seeking Civility? Your Employees Sure Are
    By Catherine Mattice Zundel

    FLSA Opinion Letters Reissued
    By Neil Reichenberg

    LEADERSHIP ROADMAP: Taking Your Virtual or Dispersed Team and You to the Next Level
    By Dr. Andrew Rahaman



  • HR News January 2018

    HR News January 2018

    January 1, 2018

    In This Issue

    Growing In-House Talent Through an Aspiring Leaders Program
    By Jackie Little

    Leadership and Knowledge Management: Is There a Link?
    By Dr. Donnell Adams

    Leading Women to Leadership: The City of San Antonio Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program
    By Ana Bradshaw, IPMA-SCP and Caitlin Krobot, IPMA-CP

    Helping Employees Maximize Their Benefits
    By Chris Whitlow

    Consider the Benefits and Drawbacks of Helping Employees With Student Loans
    By Dave Rathmanner

    EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: Measuring and Improving Employee Engagement: The Critical Role of HR
    By Bob Lavigna, IPMA-SCP

  • December 2017 cover

    HR News December 2017

    December 1, 2017

    In This Issue

    Change Again?! Learn to Reduce Employees’ Resistance to Organizational Change
    By: Dr. Paul White

    Culture Is Always in Control
    By: Jason Forrest

    Could Flexible Work Arrangements Work at Your Organization?
    By: Ed Lamb

    Six Ways to Show the Value of HR Programs
    By: Jack Phillips and Dr. Patti Phillips


    MANAGING PEOPLE IN TOUGH TIMES: Government Needs HR’s Help to Address
    Its People Issues
    By Howard Risher

  • Nov 2017 cover

    HR NEWS November 2017

    November 1, 2017

    In This Issue

    Organizations Can Take the Stress Out of Taking Vacations
    By: Chris Douglas

    Payroll Partner or Payroll Vendor: Choose Wisely
    By: Pamela Evette

    HR Can Drive Benefit Engagement by Thinking Like Marketers
    By: Chris Whitlow

    Federal Courts, Agencies at Odds Over Sexual Orientation Protections Under Title VII
    By: Ed Lamb

    Best Practices for Managing Employee Productivity and Organizational Performance
    By: Isaac Kohen

    The Power of Culture Change
    By: Alex Smith

    IPMA-HR 2017 Benchmarking Report Suggests How to Foster a Culture of Innovation
    By: Maria Villarreal

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