• HRNews_Jan 22_Cover

    HR News January 2022

    In This Issue

    FROM THE PRESIDENT, January 2022
    Jennifer Fairweather, M.A., SHRM-SCP, IPMA-SCP, PHR

    How to Retain Public Sector Employees During the Great Resignation
    Gerald J. Leonard

    Improve Management to Strengthen Culture and Create Safe Workspaces for Integrated Teams
    Krista Mitzel

    HR & IT: The Grand Alliance
    Yassine Zaied

    Taming Turnover and Burnout With Inclusive Collaboration
    John Estafanous

    5 Ways to Reduce Toxicity in the Workplace and Boost Employee Engagement
    Jared Pope

    4 Practical Ways HR Can Support Employee Mental Health
    Raynie Andrewsen

    How HR Professionals Can Counter the Unspoken Consequences of COVID-19 Stress
    Marisa Perez-Gaytán, IMPA-SCP

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, January 2022 | R. Chase Martin, HR Generalist Sr., for the City of Harrisonburg, Va.

  • HR News_Dec 21 Cover

    HR News December 2021

    December 1, 2021

    In This Issue

    FROM THE PRESIDENT, December 2021
    Pam Dollard, IPMA-SCP

    5 Ways HR Professionals Can Serve as Champions of DEI
    Keith R. Wyche

    Using Social Media Screening to Create a Better Culture
    Alla Schay

    Know the Risks and Benefits of Searching an Applicant’s Social Media
    Karen Michael

    Online Learning Has Skyrocketed Because It’s Flexible in Ways You Might Not Recognize
    Philip Alexander

    Improving Drug Testing for a Safer, More Productive Workforce
    Heather Horn

    Combating COVID-19-Related Fraud Starts With Training Employees
    Kenneth C. Pickering

    5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health on Vacation
    Dean Aslinia

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, December 2021 | Get to Know Fellow IPMA-HR Members

  • HR News_Nov 21_Cover

    HR News November 2021

    November 1, 2021

    In This Issue

    Cara Woodson Welch

    Unconventional Ways to Fight Hiring Bias in a Competitive Market
    Arthur Woods

    3 Wellness Initiatives to Improve Your DEIB Recruiting and Retention Efforts
    Susan Van Klink

    Building an Effective Sexual Harassment Training Program
    Christina Gialleli

    Leading Diverse Teams Post-Pandemic
    Tom Barry

    6 Ways Leadership Can Keep Employees Engaged in Today’s Work Environment
    Corinne Spencer and Antwoin Wall

    Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying | Addressing Behavior That Is Problematic but not Illegal
    Alezah Trigueros and Garrett Smith

    ‘Everything’s OK’: The Big Lie We’re Telling Ourselves | How to Create a Sustainable Culture of Honesty and Psychological Safety With Intention, Commitment and Willingness to Hear Difficult Truths
    Leslie Jones

    Why AI Is an Essential Tool for Recruiting Talent
    Kumar Ananthanarayana

    LEGISLATIVE & POLICY UPDATE, November 2021 | The New U.S. Supreme Court Term Will Produce Important Rulings for Public Sector HR

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, November 2021 | Melanie Veal, HR Director for the Butler Metro Housing Authority, Hamilton, Ohio

  • HR News_Oct21_Cover

    HR News October 2021

    In This Issue

    Cara Woodson Welch

    5 HR Considerations for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
    Bernice Ledbetter, Ed.D.

    How an Organization Embraces Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Has a Lasting Impact
    Sachin Sama

    How to Create Psychological Safety for LGBTQ+ Employees
    Dr. David Rock and Jon Martin

    How Leaders Can Identify Microaggressions at Work and Shut Them Down
    Heather R. Younger

    7 Things to Avoid When Fostering a Neurodiverse Workplace
    Sarah Nannery

    Attract Today’s Top Talent by Focusing on Diversity
    Jessica Diamond

    Do You Have Wellness Privilege at Work?
    Laura Putnam and Karen Catlin

    Investigating Reports of Discrimination and Harassment in a Virtual World | An Employment Lawyer Explains How to Navigate the New Landscape
    Ann Fromholz

    WHAT THE RESEARCH SHOWS, October 2021 | Promoting Inclusivity in Assessment
    Yari Randall

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, October 2021 | Holly Gadd, Human Resources Manager for the City of Farmington, Utah

  • HR News_Sept 21_Cover

    HR News September 2021

    September 1, 2021

    In This Issue

    Cara Woodson Welch

    Know What to Do When the ADA, the FMLA and Workers’ Compensation Intersect
    Monica Lynn Kennedy, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, IPMA-SCP

    How COVID-19 Will Impact Open Enrollment During 2021
    Doug Ramsthel

    Emerging Technology Offers Ways to Tackle Employees’ Mental Health Challenges
    Ted Hong, MBA

    Traditional Benefits Aren’t Working for Working Parents | Inclusive Organizations Must Respond to Each Employee’s Unique Needs
    Karsten Vagner

    3 Positive Trends in Fertility Benefits for LGBTQ+ Employees
    Peter Nieves

    Retiree Health Benefits: Cost-Sharing and Prefunding Improvements Are Needed
    Laurie LoFranco

    Early Retirement Plans: A Budget Tool and Employee Incentive Opportunity
    Dan Keenan

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, September 2021 | Charlene Leslie, SHPR, SHRM-SCP, IPMA-SCP, HR Administrator for the City of Gladstone, Mo.

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