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    HR News January 2021

    January 1, 2021

    In This Issue

    FROM THE PRESIDENT, January 2021
    Pam Dollard, IPMA-SCP

    Inclusive Recruiting: What Employers Need to Know to Gain the Benefits of Diversity
    Allison O’Kelly

    Hire Effectively in an Increasingly Virtual World
    Grant Ian Gamble

    5 Practical Tips for Improving the Onboarding Experience for Remote Employees
    Maria Villarreal

    Meet the Urgent Need for Online Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling
    Peter Loeb

    COVID-19 Highlighted the Need for a More Flexible Open Enrollment Process
    Ed Seaver

    3 Ways HR Pros Can Improve the Impact of Telehealth and Reduce Costs for Their Organization
    Julian Flannery

    Try Virtual Group Fitness Classes for a Remote Team-Building Boost
    Nicole Wolfe

    MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, January 2021 | Dena Hernandez, HR Manager for the City of Beeville, Texas

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    HR News December 2020

    In This Issue

    FROM THE PRESIDENT, December 2020
    Cheryl Cepelak, IPMA-SCP

    4 Steps Toward Creating an Inclusive Culture
    Risha Grant

    Tips for Improving Workplace Culture With Racial Tensions on the Rise
    Asha Tarry

    Protect Your Talent Initiatives in the #MeToo Era
    Twana Harris

    Unconscious Biases, Myths and Misconceptions to Dispel When Hiring and Retaining Military Veterans
    Lida Citroën

    Ensuring Workplace Rights for LGBTQ Employees | Top 4 Employee Handbook Updates to Make Now
    Christine Lamb

    Best Practices for Accommodating Nonconforming Gender Identities in the Workplace
    Shelline Bennett and Lars T. Reed

    LEADERSHIP ROADMAP, December 2020 | Meeting the Challenges of Managing During a Crisis
    Andrew Rahaman, Ed.D.

    MANAGING PEOPLE IN TOUGH TIMES, December 2020 | The COVID-19 Pandemic Opens Questions About Traditional Civil Service Systems
    Howard Risher, Ph.D.

    Lifelong Contributions, Excellence in Public Sector Human Resource Recognized With 2020 IPMA-HR Awards
    IPMA-HR Staff

  • Cover_HR-News_Nov20

    HR News November 2020

    November 1, 2020

    In This Issue

    From the Editor, November 2020
    Ed Lamb

    The Impact of COVID-19: A Tale of Two Workforces?
    Bob Lavigna, IPMA-SCP

    How One City Contained Retiree Health Care Costs | And Set Itself Up to Survive the Pandemic and Falling Revenue
    Alex Smith

    How Lean HR Teams Can Find Success Beyond COVID-19
    Dan Sines

    Crisis Management Strategies for HR Leaders
    Megan Paquin, APR, CPRC and Jackie Labrecque

    Why to Incorporate a Mediation Step Into Grievance Procedures Under Collectively Bargained Contracts
    James B. Perry

    E-mediation: More Than Resolving Labor Disputes
    Wynne Reece

    CompDoctor, November 2020 | A Tool for Highlighting Whether Below-Market Pay Contributes to Making It Difficult to Recruit and Retain Employees
    Ronnie Charles

    IN MEMORIAM: Margaret Sellers Walker Morris | Sept. 28, 1935–Sept. 20, 2020
    Sandra Clemons

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    HR News October 2020

    In This Issue

    FROM THE 2021 PRESIDENT-ELECT, OCTOBER 2020 | IPMA-HR Is Well-Positioned to Support Public Sector Human Resources Professionals
    Jennifer Fairweather, IPMA-SCP

    How HR Professionals Can Foster More Inclusive and Innovative Cultures
    Shirley Davis, Ph.D., CSP, SHRM-SCP

    How Leaders Can Drive Real Change by Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
    Jeb Banner

    How the Pandemic Changed Wellness Programs | And What Lies Ahead for Employers and Employees
    Erika Zauner

    Understand the Employers’ Role in Reducing the Prescribing of Opioids for Dental Pain
    Scott Towers

    The New World of Work Makes Resilience Training Critical for Employers
    Debra Wein, M.S., RDN, CWPD

    Employers Don’t Need Slides or Ping Pong Tables to Attract Millennials
    Paige Schaffer

    THE B&G REPORT, OCTOBER 2020 | How Local and State Governments Are Meeting the Employee Benefits Challenge
    Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene

    LEADERSHIP ROADMAP, OCTOBER 2020 | Increase Engagement by Harnessing Emotional Intelligence to Create Psychological Safety
    Andrew Rahaman, Ed.D.

  • Cover_HR-News_Sept20

    HR News September 2020

    In This Issue

    From the Executive Director, September 2020 | Talking About Racial Equity Won’t Suffice
    Cara Woodson Welch, Esq.

    The First Dozen or So Rules of Talking About Politics at Work Are …
    Ed Lamb

    How HR and Managers Can Work Together to Build a Positive, Thriving Culture | Even When Employees Work Remotely
    Rhiannon Staples

    Managing Employee Performance When Mental Health or Substance Abuse Is Involved
    Amy Robinson, JD, SRHM-SCP, SPHR

    Understanding and Making Effective Use of Direct Threat Assessments Under the ADA
    Timothy B. McConnell

    CompDoctor, September 2020 | Key Compensation and Classification Issues to Address During the Pandemic
    Ronnie Charles

    Labor Relations, September 2020
    David B. Ritter, Partner, & Kelsey Schmidt, Associate, at Barnes & Thornburg LLP

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