• Cover_HR-News_Aug20

    HR News August 2020

    August 1, 2020

    In This Issue

    The New Law Enforcement: Civilians and Technology | How Small Agencies Can Survive in a Changing World
    Capt. Brian Leyn

    Implementing Organizational Change Management Strategies to Reinvigorate a Modernization Project
    John Krupa and Maureen O’Brochta

    How HR Can Rethink Compliance Training | Relying on Learning Management Systems and Fostering Employee Engagement
    Trish Stromberg

    Employers Must Take the Long View on Rebuilding the Workforce Following COVID-19
    Nicholas Wyman, MBA

    Public Sector Telework Trends During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Leadership Roadmap for August 2020 | Change: What Holds Us Back and Moves Us Forward
    Andrew Rahaman, Ed.D.

    Employee Engagement for August 2020 | Managing Performance in the New Workplace
    Bob Lavigna, IPMA-SCP, and Jason Lichney

    David B. Ritter, Partner, & Kelsey Schmidt, Associate, at Barnes & Thornburg LLP

  • HR-News_Cover_July-2020

    HR News July 2020

    July 1, 2020

    In This Issue

    5 Steps Toward a Psychologically Safe Workplace
    Jana Morrin

    When, Why and How to Update the Employee Handbook to Address COVID-19
    Michelle W. Johnson and Jessica R. Watson

    Putting People First: Workplace Safety, Cybersecurity and Background Screenings
    Alla Schay

    6 Steps for Protecting Your Data After Letting Go of a Remote Employee
    Brian Schrader

    Member Satisfaction Remains Job #1 for IPMA-HR

    Meet Your Candidate for 2021 IPMA-HR President-Elect

    The B&G HR Report for July 2020 | Safety in Numbers: The Power of Data to Protect Public Sector Workers
    Katherine Barrett and Richard Green

    CompDoctor for July 2020 | Determining Salary Adjustment Estimates Amid a Pandemic
    Ronnie Charles

    Labor Relations for July 2020
    David B. Ritter, Partner, & Kelsey Schmidt, Associate, at Barnes & Thornburg LLP

  • HRNewsJune2020CoverS

    HR News June 2020

    June 1, 2020

    In This Issue

    Cara Woodson Welch

    Manage Employees Through the COVID-19 Work-Life Balance Crisis
    Mike Hicks

    Fuel Your Organization’s Recovery by Improving the Employee Experience
    Lauren Mason and Patrick Hyland, Ph.D.

    It’s Time to Adopt a Job Candidate’s Bill of Rights
    Omer Tadjer

    Wins and Opportunities: Talent Trends in the Public Sector
    Jon Mason, MBA, and Josh Wilson, MBA

    MANAGING PEOPLE IN TOUGH TIMES - JUNE 2020 | COVID-19 Rewrote HR’s Job Description
    Howard Risher, Ph.D., and Octavia Abell

    LEADERSHIP ROADMAP - JUNE 2020 | Gratitude in a VUCA World: One Key to Emotional Resilience
    Andrew Rahaman, Ed.D.

    David B. Ritter, Partner, & Kelsey Schmidt, Associate, at Barnes & Thornburg LLP

  • Cover_HR-News_May2020

    HR News May 2020

    May 1, 2020

    In This Issue

    Avoid Talent Retention Mistake #192,653,478 | What Happens When Leaders Realize They’re the Problem
    Troy Hall, Ph.D.

    3 Principles for Good Coaching as a Leader | And How to Put Them Into Action
    Michael Bungay Stanier

    True Leadership Demands Managing Emotions in the Workplace
    Angela Civitella

    3 Tips for Fair Hiring
    Nina Cofer

    A Dozen Consensus Best Practices for Managing Remote Employees
    Ed Lamb

    ‘A Significant and Influential Presence’: Neil Reichenberg to Retire as IPMA-HR Executive Director
    Jackie Wehmeyer, IPMA-SCP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, and Bob Lavigna, IPMA-SCP

    COMP DOCTOR - MAY 2020 | Should Frontline Employees Receive Hazard Pay During a Public Health Crisis?
    Ronnie Charles

    David B. Ritter, Partner, & Kelsey Schmidt, Associate, at Barnes & Thornburg LLP

  • Cover_Apr20_HRN

    HR News April 2020

    In This Issue

    What’s Working to Recruit Police Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies
    Ed Lamb

    How the Fire Service Can Stop Struggling to Diversify
    Jenny Donovan

    Finding Solutions to Staffing Challenges at the Connecticut Department of Correction
    Donna Pantin-Worrell

    It’s a Community Effort': Maintaining a Large All-Volunteer Rescue Squad
    Ed Lamb

    The Dispatcher Hiring Challenge
    Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene

    The Purpose of Active Listening
    Andrew Rahaman, Ed.D.


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