More Than 57 Percent from Public Sector HR Plans on Hiring in 2018 According to the Latest Employment Outlook Survey

IPMA-HR conducted their Annual Employment Outlook Survey to examine 2018 employment trends in the public sector. The study addresses hiring for newly created positions, eliminating positions, open vacancies, and the effects of automation on employment. From 302 HR professionals surveyed, 79 percent are from Local Governments. 

About 57 percent of public sector HR professionals plan on hiring for newly created positions, an 11 percent point drop from 2017 (66%). Although we expect less hiring, less HR professionals plan on eliminating positions during 2018 (9%) than in the last few years (2015, 12%; 2016, 11%; 2017, 14%). Public Safety departments expect to see the most hires, consistent with years past, with Public Works, Finance Management as popular areas as well.

Vacancy of employment positions remain steady over the last few years, with about 91 percent of our respondents having positions available at their organization. However, there was a drop in HR professionals leaving positions open due to budgetary reasons from an average of 32 percent in the last 3 years to 24 percent in 2018.

Finally, with the advent of technology in the workplace, the Employment Outlook Survey delved into its effects on employees. About 36 percent of IPMA-HR members responded their organization has introduced technology/automation that now handles either all or part of the activities done by employees. A large majority (88%) handle these changes by reassigning staff to other activities, rather than reducing staff hours (3%) or laying them off (3%).

2018 Employment Outlook Infographic

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