A Bold Step Forward: IPMA-HR is Now PSHRA


For over 115 years, our association has enhanced public sector performance by providing human resource leadership, advocacy, professional development, and community. We continue to represent the best interests of public sector human resource professionals at all levels and push our industry forward with intent and collaboration.

But the nature of work is evolving. Throughout the pandemic and beyond, uncertainty accelerated the worker-employer relationship. Human resources have been met with fresh expectations, tougher challenges, and reshaped markets.

So, to provide the most value for our members, we’re evolving too. With a renewed mission and vision for the future.

Today, I’m excited to announce that IPMA-HR is now the Public Sector HR Association (PSHRA), empowering public sector HR professionals to create better places to work for those who serve the public good.

This rebrand pushes our core identity and values forward, while marking a purposeful shift to better support the HR professionals behind the people who help drive innovation and improve our working world.

Of course, we are incredibly proud of our history. Public sector HR professionals have always looked to IPMA-HR to lead the way, and we will continue to do so as PSHRA. Now is the time for us to take a bold step forward.

From our members to the governments we serve, this is a critical moment for us as a community and an industry. I promise we will keep our members updated as the new brand is rolled out and established. We are fully committed to embracing a personal, inclusive experience united under our updated mission.

In the meantime, I invite you to visit www.pshra.org to learn more and watch our brand launch video. 

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