EDITORIAL: Partial Federal Government Might Permanently Damage Public Service

Writing for The Hill on the morning after the end of a 35-day shutdown of nine federal agencies, Volcker Alliance President Thomas W. Ross notes that

In addition to the personal toll that the shutdown has exacted on federal employees and their families, it has also created an administrative backlog and undermined the government’s ability to anticipate and respond to a range of risks for the American people.

   Beyond that, the shutdown has further eroded the confidence of the American people in our governing processes and our democracy.

Ross then points out that just 7 percent of the federal civilian workforce is currently younger than 30. This makes employee retention and recruiting priorities that public sector HR staffers may be unable to meet when missing paychecks over lawmakers' policy disputes becomes a persistent threat.

"To be served by an effective government, the American people need paths of public service to seem attractive," Ross writes.

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