Five Public HR Stories You May Have Missed Over the Holidays

AFGE Sues Trump Administration Over Partial Government Shutdown

The union, which counts federal correctional officers, Border Patrol and ICE agents, and transportation security officers among its members, is claiming that forcing essential personnel to work without pay violates the Fair Labor Standards Act.

What City Leaders Should Expect During the Partial Federal Government Shutdown

With the EPA, U.S. Economic Development Administration, Small Business Administration and the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice and Transportation closed to start 2019, local government officials should expect going weeks or months without receiving grant reimbursements. Loan approvals and disbursements will also be delayed, and no feds will be around to answer technical or legal questions. City offices and state agencies may need to make up funding shortfalls and personnel shortages.

Trump Administration Revives Workforce Cuts as Priority

Compounding disruptions and disappointments inflicted by partially shutting down the federal government and freezing civilian employees’ pay through the 2019 calendar year, all federal agencies have received a request from OPM to plan for “long-term workforce reductions.”

Chief Justice Roberts Calls Out Sexual Harassment in the Judiciary

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts focused his 2018 Year-End Report to the Federal Judiciary on ending harassment of law clerks and other judicial branch personnel. Roberts endorsed several efforts already being made to make reporting, investigating and penalizing harassment, but he also wrote, “Recent events have highlighted that the very qualities that make the position of law clerk attractive -- particularly, the opportunity to work with a senior member of the legal profession in a position of mentorship and trust -- can create special risks of abuse.”

Albuquerque Mayor Signs Paid Parental Leave Bill While Sporting Pantera Christmas Sweater

The new ordinance guarantees city workers 12 weeks of paid leave eligibility when they or their spouse gives birth. Parental leave is also available for adoptions and fostering children. The signing ceremony became national news after a picture of Democratic Mayor Tim Keller wearing a Christmas sweater presented to him by Pantera bassist and Albuquerque resident Rex Brown appeared on Twitter.

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