Glassdoor: HR Manager a Top 10 Job for 2019

After crunching its data on

  • Median reported salaries during 2018,
  • Open job listings on the site on the first business day of 2019, and
  • Overall job satisfaction ratings by site users.

Glassdoor identified HR Manager as the ninth hottest job for 2019. The position held by most of the people who will read this brief web article comes in right below Data Engineer and outranks Software Engineer.

Click here to view the complete listing of 50 hot jobs. A few of you may even stick around, as “federal employees have been searching for new jobs online at increasing rates -- as high as 82% above normal search levels.”

The preceding quote is the opening line of a Jan. 23, 2019, Axios summary of data supplied by Indeed. The partial government shutdown that had reached its 33rd day when this article posted, appears to be primarily to blame for the virtual, though still exploratory, run for the exits.

"It looks like federal workers -- even at funded agencies -- are starting to think it might be time for me to look elsewhere," Martha Gimbel, Indeed’s director of economic research, told Axios.

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