HR Headline Roundup for December 30, 2019-January 3, 2020

Trends to Watch for 2020, Center for State & Local Government Excellence

IPMA-HR's frequent partner just published this helpful annotated and heavily linked rundown of important developments and looming challenges in hiring for government positions, compensation, benefits, retirement planning and pension fund management.


25 New State-Mandated Minimum Wages for 2020, HR Dive

Washington, D.C., will also raise its minimum wage to $15/hour this year, giving it the highest rate of pay for entry-level and low-skill jobs in the United States. Widespread boosts in state-mandated minimum wages take effect while the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division is cracking down on illegal pay practices, arranging for employers to pay a record $322 million in settlements damages during the 2019 fiscal year.


2020 Brings Major Changes to California Labor Laws, Los Angeles Times

Policies first put in place in California tend to spread throughout the country. This makes it worth all HR professionals’ time to track the implementation of new rules regarding the reclassification of gig workers as employees, creating dedicated lactation rooms, banning discrimination based on natural hairstyles and curbing mandatory arbitration of employee-employer disputes.


At Work, Tattoos OK, but Politics Remain Taboo, HR Dive

An Accountemps survey of roughly 2,800 senior managers revealed “that bad language, pets in the office and political images are the biggest offenses at worksites.” At the same time, a third of respondents declared visible tattoos, causal attire, nontraditional hair colors and nontraditional piercings formerly problematic but now acceptable.


Jobseekers Increasingly Make Their Spouse’s Ability to Find Work a Condition for Relocating, Axios

Research summarized here also shows that “dual-career couples tend to cluster where they both have job security—not just in their current jobs but with options to jump elsewhere in the same market.”

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