HR Headline Roundup for July 22-26, 2019

Trump Administration Seeks Authority to Implement Federal Workforce Orders Immediately, Government Executive

Even though a three-judge federal appeals court panel last week cleared the way for implementing rules that would significantly weaken job protections for U.S. government employees, the injunction issued by a district court remains in place pending further appeals. Links embedded in the source article take readers to explanations of the legal wrangling and discussions of what may happen if the executive orders signed in late May 2018 go into effect.

EEOC Finally Allows Federal Employees to Use Online Case Management Tools, Government Executive

Feds must still initiate complaints via their agency’s equal opportunity program, but they can then use the newly created Public Portal “to make adjustments to their cases, add information and request hearings.”

State of Utah Expands Telework, Government Technology

More than 2,550 employees across all agencies will become eligible to work remotely over the next 18 months. Driving the program are desires to reduce vehicle emissions from commuters, spend less on office space and raise productivity. A four-agency pilot program showed that telecommuters “accomplish more when they can work from home in close collaboration with their managers and co-workers.” Meanwhile, several federal agencies are restricting telework.

Help Your Team Avoid Digital Distractions, Harvard Business Review

Suggestions include creating quiet spaces so employees can recharge and allowing employees to block out times during which they will not read or send emails and texts.

Cyberattacks on Louisiana School Systems Prompts Governor to Declare Emergency, CNN

The declaration makes experts and other resources from the National Guard, state police and state government available to Sabine, Morehouse, and Ouachita parishes. “This is exactly why we established the Cyber Security Commission, focused on preparing for, responding to and preventing cybersecurity attacks, and we are well-positioned to assist local governments as they battle this current threat,” Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) told reporters.

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