HR Headline Roundup for June 1-4, 2020

Protests and Law Enforcement

OPINION: What Does the Social Unrest Mean for HR Leaders?, Human Resource Executive

Each organizational leader must act on the knowledge that “employees want to know, and be shown, what their [employer] stands for: Do they support change? Do they support their black employees? Are they giving them space to mourn?”


Reopening Realities

Hiring a Diverse Army to Track COVID-19 Amid Reopening, Kaiser Health News

Even as governments reduce payrolls, health departments across the United States scramble to hire up to 300,000 people to interview COVID-19 patients and alert others of their need to get tested and self-isolate. “As they build these forces,’ the article notes, “many states and localities are trying hard to hire from the racial and ethnic minority communities hit hardest by the virus. They’re anticipating a need for skilled, culturally competent tracers who can convert suspicious or hesitant contacts into enthusiastic, willing participants in the drive to stamp out the virus.”


Working as the Pandemic Persists

Government Falls Into a Recession and Job Cuts Soar, Governing

Recalling workers to restaurants, construction sites and stores explains the surprising news that the official U.S. unemployment rate ticked down during May. At the same time, nearly 600,000 additional public sector workers lost their jobs. That reality, driven by a sharp reduction in tax revenues, leaves agencies struggling to find ways to pay essential employees and continue delivering basic services.

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