HR Headline Roundup for June 8-12, 2020

Police Reforms

The Major Police Reforms That Have Been Enacted Since George Floyd’s Death, Axios

A nowhere-near exhaustive list of immediate changes enacted by cities such as Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles, as well as states like New York, includes banning chokeholds in almost all circumstances and opening records in cases involving alleged police misconduct. Emergency orders and ordinances have also been issued in smaller jurisdictions such as Norfolk, Va.


Protesting and the Public Sector

For EMTs, There Is No Rulebook for Facing a Pandemic and Protests at Once, Kaiser Health News

Fatigue from months of responding to COVID-19 calls, the difficulty of operating in disorganized crowds and possibly dangerous situations while wearing PPE, and distinguishing themselves from law enforcement challenge emergency medical personnel.


Reopening Realities

EEOC: Be Flexible, Proactive With Accommodations, Human Resource Executive

Experts say that employers can protect themselves and their workers by reminding employees that temporary transfers, telework and authorization to use PPE may be available for individuals with underlying health conditions.


Other News You May Have Missed

Three Things That the Fed and Congress Can Do Now to Help Small Cities Reopen and Recover, National League of Cities

NLC recommends increasing access to credit by revising Municipal Liquidity Fund rules. raising the cap on bank-qualified municipal bond funds to $30 million and restoring tax-exempt advance refunding of bonds. IPMA-HR has advocated for this last measure.


Appeals Court Strikes Down Labor Authority Decision That Limited Scope of Federal Union Bargaining, Route Fifty

In light of the ruling, agencies will no longer be allowed to treat “working conditions” and “terms of employment” as synonymous when engaging in the collective bargaining process. Also, as an immediate effect, a union contract for Customs and Border Patrol employees will be reconsidered by the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

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