HR Headline Roundup for March 18-22, 2019

Trump Administration Proposes Eliminating Pensions for Some New Feds, Government Executive

The White House’s FY2020 budget plan calls for automatically enrolling people hired on contracts of 1-4 years in the 401(k)-like Thrift Savings Plan. This is just one of several administration ideas for overhauling retirement benefits. It became known to the public in the same week that CNN reported on a very quiet federal policy change that makes it easier for private sector employers to cancel pension plans and offer retirees one-time lump-sum buyouts for pennies on the dollar.

Kamala Harris’s $15M Proposal to Fix Local Government Tech, Nextgov

The Digital Service Act of 2019 would create grants of between $200,000 and $2.5 million primarily for hiring web developers and programmers. Projects aimed at rebuilding and upgrading digital tools and services could be supported for up to two years, and consultation with federal experts would be available.

As AI Takes Over Jobs, Women Workers May Have the Most to Lose , Nextgov

Women, Automation and the Future of Work, a new report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, notes that “the jobs most commonly held by women—cashiers, secretaries, and bookkeeping clerks, for example—face some of the highest risks of becoming automated in the future. And while men are not immune to the risks of technological change, women are even more likely to work in jobs where technology and automation threaten to displace them.”

Okla. Sheriff, Staff Resign Over Jail Safety Issues, Tulsa World

Issues such as carbon monoxide leaks and exposed wiring at the Nowata County facility caused the transfer of all inmates to neighboring county lockups. The sheriff then told reporters that a local judge offered her salary pool money to reopen the jail without having repairs made.

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