HR Headline Roundup for May 25-29, 2020

Government Operations Amid the Pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic Operational Guidance for the 2020 Hurricane Season, FEMA

Two named storms have already hit America’s East Coast even though the Atlantic tropical storm season does not officially start until June 1. This guide and its associated webinars

  • Describe anticipated challenges to disaster operations posed by COVID-19;
  • Highlight planning considerations for emergency managers based on current challenges;
  • Outline how FEMA plans to adapt response and recovery operations;
  • Create a shared understanding of expectations between FEMA and emergency mangers; and,
  • Include guidance, checklists and resources to support emergency managers response and recovery planning.

For more info on how public sector HR professionals can respond during the pandemic, visit IPMA-HR's resources page.


Workforce Worries in the Pandemic’s Wake

1 in 5 Teachers Are Unlikely to Return to Reopened Classrooms This Fall, Poll Finds, USA Today

A survey of K-12 educators also revealed that large majorities of teachers have increased their hours while conducting virtual classes even while feeling that remote instruction is less effective than in-person teaching. The article also states that around 60 percent of parents said they “would be likely to pursue at-home learning options instead of sending back their children this fall.”


More Budget Fallout

OPINION: 3 Arguments for Federal Aid to State and Local Governments, Governing

Economics, morality and history all make the case for Congress approving financial assistance for states that must still fund schools, ensure public safety and maintain infrastructure despite the pandemic.

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