IPMA-HR and ROI Institute are Teaming up to Publish a New Case Study Book

Case Study IconsMake a lasting contribution to the HR function at all levels of government. We invite you to contribute your evaluation of an HR program to an upcoming publication specifically focused on governmental programs. Delivering Value in Government: How to Measure the Impact of HR Programs in Governments, will be designed for individuals who create, design, teach, implement, evaluate, support, and fund HR programs at wide variety of levels within the government. 

In many government agencies, all types of HR programs are implemented to make the government more effective and efficient. These programs are designed to improve employee performance, reduce compliance risk, streamline processes, connect HR to important impact measures, and particularly, to make government more responsive and cost effective. Almost all governments, at every level, have the scrutiny of accountability. In HR, having budgets and new programs approved remains a challenge.

Many of you are doing this very well and respond to top administrators questions about the value of HR by showing the value of your HR programs. This helps you to maintain, and sometimes even increase, your budgets. This book will provide the details of how this has been accomplished, using a variety of case study examples. 

The approach of this unique book will focus on how to deliver and measure the success of HR programs following five levels of outcomes. This is accomplished using the ROI Methodology, a value chain (logic model) with twelve steps to make sure any program delivers positive results.

Endorsed by governments in 26 countries, the ROI Methodology has become the most used evaluation system in the world. ROI Institute regularly offers workshops, provides consulting services, publishes books and case studies, and conducts research on the use of ROI measurement. ROI Institute authors have written or edited over 100 books, translated into 38 languages.

If you think you might have a study that you’d like to share, please let us know. Be a part of this unique opportunity and contribute your work to this new publication. No previous publishing experience is required as our editors will work closely with selected authors to help them prepare their case for publication. If you have questions or would like more information about this opportunity or how to develop a case study, please contact Hope Nicholas, director of publications at ROI Institute, hope@roiinstitute.net.

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